26 December 2013

TNA Thursday Randomania - Dec 26, 2013

- Before I begin, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and spent it with loved ones or doing something you enjoy.  My family and I celebrate on Christmas Eve so I had a nice relaxing Christmas, catching up on sleep, reading, and other stuff I've neglected lately.  In any case, on to this week's Randomania.  You'll notice the schnazzy new banner.  Randomania has become a weekly staple of TNAMecca so a re-branding was in order.  I hope to be able to share with you my weekly ramblings for a long time.

- I will begin with the Jeff Jarrett resignation, which shocked us all this week.  Initially, part of me hoped it was a work but I eventually accepted the fact that he has indeed resigned.  Obviously, we don't know the circumstances that led to his resignation but I wish Jarrett nothing but the best.  I was glad to hear that he returned to the company recently simply because I felt that TNA needed to return to its roots (after the disappointing Hogan years) and there's no one who knows the old school product better than Jeff Jarrett.  And it worked.  Since Bound for Glory, the television product has greatly improved and I believe Jarrett is partly responsible for that.  So his departure is bittersweet.

- So the question that Jeff Jarrett has departed, who is booking the show?  We know that Dave Lagana and Matt Conway are writing the scripts but who has the final say in Creative?  I'm not sure we know but until we hear otherwise, I will assume that it's John Gaburick.  I don't know how I feel about him simply because he's another former WWE executive but he will ultimately be judged by the shows that he produces.  Although he started with the company in June, I believe he only recently started booking the show, after the departure of Eric Bischoff (who reportedly took over for Bruce Prichard), so he's presumably off to a good start.

- There's a rumor that TNA are targeting Roderick Strong and I think he'd be a good pick-up by the company simply because he's a great worker.  If there's one thing that TNA could use more of right now, it's good in-ring workers.  Some might argue that Strong's mic skills are below average but that's easily taken care of if the writers can create a good character for him that includes a manager or valet.  Or even a tag team partner who can talk.  For those who aren't familiar with Roderick Strong, he worked for TNA in 2005 and formed an alliance with Austin Aries and Alex Shelley.  Could we see a reunion of sorts, that also includes Kenny King?

- I had planned not to discuss AJ Styles at all in this week's Randomania but there are two things that I feel are worth mentioning.  Firstly, Styles' agent keeps releasing statements regarding his client's negotiations.  Is this a new strategy because I don't recall ever hearing from any wrestling agents in the past?  Or is this another indication that it's a work?  And secondly, PWInsider, whom appear to break every latest AJ Styles story, have recently reported that AJ's agent is telling independent promoters that he's expected to sign a deal with TNA so if they want to book AJ, they need to get their deposits in soon.

- It looks like TNA might also be targeting Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards as they are still unsigned by the WWE, even though they recently appeared on NXT.  I'm of the belief that the American Wolves would have been signed by now if the WWE truly wanted them.  I'm not sure what the delay is but Richards and Edwards aren't an obscure tag team from a lower indie promotion who need to be scouted.  The duo has also been to at least two WWE try-outs.  Interestingly enough, Richards and Edwards have been doing a farewell tour of the indies so they seem fairly confident that they will sign a contract with one of the two mainstream companies.

- And finally, I have been rather patient since Bound for Glory regarding the lack of X Division action but my patience has officially run out.  I think it's a travesty that the X Division has once again disappeared.  With the exception of the Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin match and a backstage segment afterwards, two weeks ago, there hasn't been one X Division-related segment on Impact since late October.  Why is this?  I can't for the life of me understand why the company continues to shit on the one division that gives TNA its true identity.  It's a fucking disgrace.  And I don't want to hear about ratings simply because Destination X - a free PPV based on the X Division - drew the most viewers of any free PPV this year.  That's a fact.  Fans are drawn to the X Division.  Whether it's new fans, casual fans, die hard fans, wrestling or sports entertainment fans, indie fans, etc., the X Division resonates with them.  And that's not my opinion.  Again, it's a fact.  Over 1.5 million viewers watched this year's Destination X.  A fact.  I'm as loyal a TNA fan as you'll find but I'm genuinely disgusted by TNA's unwillingness or inability to focus on the X Division on a regular basis.  Why is it that the X Division can not get one segment per week on Impact?  Why is that?  Why is it so difficult?  And it's not as if the division has no depth.  Right now, sitting at home are Kenny King and Manik.  Austin Aries has rarely been seen (that alone is mind-boggling) and Chris Sabin is more interested in his hair than the X Division title.  Really, TNA?  The company also has Zema Ion waiting in the wings, and Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt at their disposal.  Why aren't we seeing any matches?  I suppose storylines need to be developed but why isn't there a weekly X Division match?  Or bi-weekly?  Honestly, I'm at my wit's ends over this.  I just don't understand why the X Division can not be featured regularly.  It's become one huge cock tease by TNA and quite frankly, I'm sick of it.  A few months ago, we were in the midst of an X-Division Evolution.  Remember that?  And now, nothing.  What happened?  I really do hope in 2014 we finally see some level of commitment by TNA on the X Division.  Now that the TNA of old has returned, maybe the X-Division is next.  I won't get my hopes up, however, because we all know how this will end.  And it's a shame.

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