12 December 2013

TNA Thursday Randomania - Dec 12, 2013

- I'd like to begin, this week, with the story that broke late Sunday night, and has had the wrestling world buzzing ever since: AJ Styles leaving TNA.  I'll be honest with you, I haven't a clue whether or not this is part of a storyline or not.  In fact, anyone who's not privy to the inner workings of TNA doesn't either.  This is a case in which TNA could very well be working us or one in which the two sides could not agree to a deal, resulting in Styles becoming a free agent.  So which is it?  The correct answer is we simply do not know, and anyone who says they do is not being truthful.  That includes PWInsider, the source of the report.

- Speaking of AJ Styles' contract status, several of you have asked me about a video released by former TNAMecca staff member, Andre Corbeil, in which he reported that TNA signed Styles to a three-year deal.  In the video, Andre did not reveal a source.  I can not confirm whether or not Andre's source is legit nor can I confirm the accuracy of his report.  I will say this, however...if TNA signed Styles to a new contract, more sources would be reporting this news as it doesn't exist in a bubble to which only Andre's source is privy to.  So with that in mind, I tend to not put too much stock in Andre's report.

- A Spanish website reported a few days ago that Puerto Rican wrestler, Sebasti├ín Guerra, will receive a tryout in TNA at some point in 2014.  According to Guerra, who wrestles in World Wrestling Council, Jeff Jarrett extended the invitation to the young wrestler.  For those who aren't familiar with Guerra, he's only 21 years old, but at 6'4" and 290 lbs., quite a large man.  If this tryout, the potential signing of Extreme Tiger, and Kurt Angle scouting talent in India are any indication, it appears that TNA are actively recruiting international talent, which is great news.  I wonder, though, will TNA allocate part of their budget for international signings?  Or will they simply opt to invite international wrestlers to the U.S. for one-time appearances?  The latter seems like the most likely scenario.

- I can't remember the last time that a new character has provoked such a strong reaction from fans the way Ethan Carter III has.  It's fascinating to see such a vast scope of emotions from viewers that range from adoration to intense loathing.  It's the sort of reaction that's usually reserved for talent such as Jeff Hardy or, dare I say, John Cena.  It will be interesting to monitor EC3's development but one thing is certain, his TNA career couldn't have started any better.  For those wondering, I'm in the camp that adores EC3.  I've said recently on Twitter that Ethan Carter III is this year's breakout star, and that's quite significant considering the fact that he debuted in October.

- Speaking of a strong reaction, I'd say, judging by the fans' tweets, that TNA have found the ideal role for Rockstar Spud.  It took TNA almost a year but in the end, the British Boot Camp winner may have found his niche on the Impact Wrestling roster.

- And finally, I'd like to discuss the blatant misuse of Kenny King.  I'm not quite sure why this talented young wrestler is currently not being booked but it's absurd.  Obviously, I'm not privy to the backstage goings-on in TNA but unless he's an absolute cancer in the locker room, I can't imagine a reason why Kenny King isn't on Impact right now wrecking havoc.  At a time when TNA is in transition, financially and creatively, King is an ideal talent in which to focus on simply because he's not a strain on the budget nor does he have the dreaded WWE taint all over him.  He's a prime candidate to be part of the next generation, one that's entirely made up of TNA stars.  Yet, he's sitting at home.  In any case, I hope that we see more of Kenny King in 2014.

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