11 December 2013

Seasoned Enigma

It would be easy to assume that by the title of this column that I’m going to talk about me and introduce myself. However it’s not about me but about the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy. Let me begin by saying it would be very easy for me to mark out when talking about Jeff Hardy. I’m also from North Carolina and I’ve followed his career since the OMEGA days.  So there’s lots I could say but I’ll spare you the details at this point. As you know when it comes to Jeff there is lots to talk about. It’s something that I can’t cover in just one article. That will have to be done over time. I’m going to be talking about his current run in TNA. Plus it’s a good place for us to begin. 

Let’s begin at August 25, 2011 when Jeff Hardy makes his return to TNA. He goes to the fans and tells them how at the Victory Road PPV he had hit bottom. He acknowledges it and asks the fans for “One More Shot”.  From the sincerity in his voice and his actions you could tell he meant it. At least the Hardy fans could. It took a little longer for the rest of the wrestling community to see it.  For some I’m sure it meant actions speak louder than words. However as Jeff kept proving himself match after match and month after month I could see the opinions change in many different places on social media and by the cheers of the fans. Jeff’s actions was indeed matching his words.

Next we go to October 14, 2012 at Bound For Glory where Jeff Hardy defeats Austin Aries to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion for the 3rd time. This is significant not only because he became champ again but it completes his “Road To Redemption”. It was important that Jeff proved to his fans and the wrestling community that he was indeed back on track. If you remember everything leading up to Bound For Glory and the PPV itself you’ll recall it was not an easy road. In the end it was a testament that Jeff was an over comer. He came from being at his lowest point to rise back and earn respect. 

Now I brought those two events to your attention to point out that I have seen a change in Jeff Hardy. A more improved for lack of better terms. I see a Jeff Hardy that’s more seasoned. A renewed energy and focus both in and out of the ring. If you need evidence then look at his latest match with Chris Sabin in a Full Metal Mayhem. An amazing match no doubt. Plus his advancement in the World Title Tournament against Bobby Roode just further proves it in my opinion. Outside the ring, his band Peroxwhy?gen just released their first album, “Plurality of Worlds”. In the songs you can hear the passion and the raw emotions as the songs reveal his personal therapy sessions. Of course you can’t forget his art. It’s a look into the mind of the “Charismatic Enigma”. Through his art you can see his passion for creativity and expressionism. 

I think you can attribute several things that’s lead to this seasoned Jeff Hardy. First would be his wife Beth and his daughter Ruby. It’s easy to see they are his world and that’s as it should be. His face lights up every time he talks about them. We all know how important it is to have your family backing you. I would also say his age. As you get older you become more experienced. His experience shows in every match he is in. The amazing moves he’s done seems almost effortless but we all know it’s not. To do it and not get injured badly is the sign of that experience. Also I would say the “Creatures of the Night”. His fans. We know how Jeff feeds off his fans. He certainly gives back to the fans in and out of the ring. If you don’t believe me just go to a show he’s at and find out first hand. 

I think it’s fair to say that Jeff Hardy is in a great place in his life. He’s over come personal problems, got a great family that supports him, and gained the trust of his fans by being a man of his word. All these things have led to some great entertainment for us fans in the ring. While we are unsure of where the journey will take us but we know that with Jeff Hardy there will never be a dull moment. As the saying goes expect the unexpected. Do take notice watching from here on out. Jeff Hardy is not the same as he once was. He’s even better. 

In future columns we will look into more of Jeff Hardy's TNA career, matches, music, art, and of course the Creatures of the Night. I'm going to do my very best to make this the place to go for all Jeff Hardy news and other things pertaining to him. So be sure to keep reading. I've got some exciting things planned. 

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