08 December 2013

AJ Styles Done with TNA?

PWInsider is reporting that AJ Styles will become a free agent on December 17th and officially be done with TNA.  Styles is reportedly, also, already accepting independent bookings via his agent.  Although we trust PWInsider as a source, we will consider this a rumor until we hear an official announcement from TNA or AJ Styles.  Unfortunately, this is disheartening news if you are a TNA fan but I'm still hopeful that this is somehow part of a storyline.  If not, it will be a tough pill to swallow but TNA will go on without him.  Although many consider Styles the face of the company, there are a some fans who aren't as enamored by him or believe he's a draw.  Personally, I hope the two sides will come to an agreement.  Regardless of your opinion of him, AJ Styles is part of the fabric that is TNA. Always will be.

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