08 December 2013

#REWIND365: 31 Nov - 07 Dec 2013

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the week's offerings from #IMPACT365.  Much like bathroom scales across America, #IMPACT365 seems to be suffering in the wake of the Thanksgiving celebrations.  The uploads are not appearing as thick and fast as we have previously seen, but with the recent break in filming at an end I am hoping this lull in activity will be short-lived.

That being said, the uploads we did see presented us with a variety of different content of varying quality.  So in case you missed any of it, here is my pick of the best and least bestest videos of the week.  As ever, if you agree, disagree or think the picks are downright awful please leave a comment to let us know your favourite #IMPACT365 moments from the week gone by.

Bronze:  His Name is Earl

The Carters once again working their powers of misdirection!

You'd think after the Pacman teaser that I would have learnt to pay closer attention to the wording of these kinds of videos, as the clues were all there.  My guess was that it was going to be another TNA jobber like Curry Man or Shark Boy, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn he was actually talking about Earl Hebner.

Ever since the August 1st Warning and the anti-climactic unveiling of Tito Ortiz, TNA seem to have been having a lot of fun baiting the internet community with these teasers that are toying with their expectations.  It is pretty difficult to hide additions to the roster from internet speculation, so is it possible that TNA are fostering a "Boy who cried wolf" kind of atmosphere?  People will become so used to these cleverly worded teasers that when the time does come for a big reveal then the fanbase will be genuinely surprised that it wasn't another red herring?

Silver:  Down Like a Sack of Spuds

The food fight was a fantastic ending to a fantastic Thanksgiving show, and amidst all the chaos I didn't even notice Spud taking a bump on some errant potato salad.  The holiday has been and gone, but I would like to say that I am thankful to #IMPACT365 for uploading this fall in all its glory.

The sound effects and slow-motion make it even more enjoyable to watch, and it did make me chuckle to read some of Spud's tweets over the following days to try to get this clip removed.

Also great to see Velvet rubbing pie in Gail's face in slow-motion.  I'll avoid the obvious innuendo.

Gold: EGOmania


Between the Main Event Mafia and the deterioration of Aces & Eights, 2013 has been a pretty rotten year for TNA in terms of stables.  Heck even TNA know it was lousy, you only need to look at the funeral segment a week ago in which TNA thoroughly lampooned all that was bad about Aces & Eights.  I have never been a particularly big fan of stables as it strikes me as a lazy form of story-telling, or a way to try to put stars over by association (see Magnus for MEM, or any member that wasn't Bully Ray for Aces & Eights).  More often than not, the result is one or two big names chasing the titles and acting as mouthpieces, and then a load of deadweight competing in filler matches that no-one gives two hoots about.

It is for this reason that I am very excited about the continued presence of EGO.  There is no deadweight, either on the mic or in the ring.  Each of them are experts in their own divisions, and it doesn't feel like a group that has been thrown together but rather one that has come about naturally as they share the same ideals and moral ambiguity.  As an entity, I like how EGO exists largely behind the scenes, getting together in videos like this whilst each of its members are involved in their own separate storylines.

They may interfere in eachother's matches.  They may not.  This is the kind of unpredictability I enjoy and I am glad EGO as a group is not at the forefront of everything these four men do in the ring.  Kudos to Sabin for slotting so seamlessly into the group, I was worried for what the future held for him a few months back after his ill-fated World Title push.

Christopher Daniels is hilarious as ever in this video, and you are officially 2% more awesome for watching it!

Wooden Spoon:  Bwa-bwa-bwa-BWAAaAaaaAAARRR!

I can just about tolerate Zema playing the air horn during matches, but listening to him imitate the sound of an air horn is beginning to make my hair stand on end.  There is a good kind of irritating, like Rockstar Spud, then there is the bad kind of irritating, like Zema, that is going to have me reaching for the remote so I can hit mute whenever he is on screen.

I have been enjoying the Bro-Mans a lot up until this point and think that Zema does have something to add to the group, but that noise is not it.  With some of the recent #IMPACT365 uploads and this match against Norv and Dewey, I get the impression that creative may be trying to build some genuine heat for the Bro-Mans as heels with this bullying angle rather than the loveable sods that they became after winning the titles. 

I'd prefer they went about it without the annoying sound effect to be honest.


As mentioned earlier, it felt like another fairly quiet week for #IMPACT365.  I am hoping it picks up again, and I am fairly sure it will with the next round of tapings, as it is still an initiative that is in its infancy and they need to keep the ball rolling with it if they want to keep up the interest.

Jeff Hardy narrowly missed out on a wooden spoon this week, or four wooden spoons as I could have quite happily given him one for each of his four videos.  I decided to resist my own personal bias (I have never understood his appeal ever since the start of his career) and I appreciate the content he delivered for his fans in talking about his artwork and his music in the vids.

There are some great characters emerging on Impact and, coupled with the build up to the final for the World Title Tournament, I predict good things to come on #IMPACT365!

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