23 December 2013

#REWIND365: 15-21 Dec 2013

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the week's offerings from #IMPACT365.  Following another pre-recorded Impact, the video of choice for #IMPACT365 this week were the backstage interviews hot on the heels of Final Resolution.  Additionally with only a few short days left until Christmas, two of the TNA roster have already embraced the yuletide spirit and uploaded some festive tidbits.

Permission to worship them...

Bronze: Bad Santa


We're only two sleeps away from Christmas day, and thus far the only two people that have uploaded any merriment to #IMPACT365 are Kaz and Daniels.  I am hopeful that we might see some Christmas messages from other members of the roster in the next few days, but with Christmas being the insanely busy and indulgent season that it is, I understand that the TNA stars may be too busy with the holiday.  Therefore, the Bad Influence deserve some credit for giving the fans a little extra this festive season.

All of their Christmas videos are worth a watch if you're fans of the pair, with Kaz and Daniels being able to simultaneously entertain and insult their viewers throughout.  Due to some great interaction with his son, Daniels takes the bronze with his leg of the Bad Influence shopping spree.

Want to know what they have bought eachother for Christmas?  We can find out at the same time as them by tuning in on the 25th.

Silver: The Reign of Magnus

Our first glimpse of the Carter Cartel together, and boy does it look amazing!
I think a large portion of the TNA fanbase saw this coming, but I still enjoyed seeing Magnus becoming champ and hopping aboard the Dixie Train despite unintentionally reading a spoiler a couple of weeks back.  Magnus as a face never really took off despite feuding with the Aces & Eights all year long, but I am fairly confident he will flourish as a heel.  He has all of the raw tools to be a great World champion so I hope they invest in him a lengthy reign, and that he will utilise his heel turn to develop a meaner and less generic wrestling style.
All three of Dixie's brood were great in the video, they're each unique and have a way of entertaining whether you love or hate them, and this group doesn't at all feel like a traditional stable yet.  There are simply those that are on the same page as Dixie, and those that are not and as a result may get treated differently.
I doubt this is the last addition to Team Dixie, and I hope they continue to do it in a way that doesn't ever make this group feel like a stable.
If I were a betting man, I'd say there was a Storm heading towards the Carter Cartel.
EC3 needs a tag team partner right?  Why not one of the best in the business...

Gold: Motivated By Negativity

It was a very tough call between this video and the previous one, but from someone that hasn't always been the biggest supporter of Jeff Hardy there was just so much to like about his Final Resolution reaction that I had to award him the gold.

As always, Hardy took some insane bumps during his match with Magnus and with Hardy taking such high risk bumps in nearly every match he participates in, it can be easy to forget just how much of a toll that can take on the human body.  I know this is something I am guilty of.  Therefore, the opening interaction with the TNA medical staff was a useful reminder and really brought home just how much Hardy gives in each of his matches.

However, by far the best thing about this video is how much better his promo skills seem to be compared to what I've seen from Jeff in the past.  I have mentioned a couple of times how there seems to have been a massive improvement in his in-ring story-telling over his last few matches, so it is great to see this translate to his mic work as well.  I am not sure what is going on in Jeff's life right now, but whatever it is I hope it continues!

My biggest criticism of Hardy's promo work in the past is that he can come across as very laid back, almost to the point that he appears apathetic to any match he is about to take part in.  As such, I have always found it hard to become invested in any matches or storylines he is involved with.  In this video he is speaking from the heart, projecting his passion for the industry, and giving a sense that this loss meant a great deal to him.
In terms of storyline, I now look forward to what the creative team have in store for Hardy.  With the title tournament at an end, some of the top talent on the roster like Hardy and Samoa Joe are stood in front of an open door.  I am hoping that Magnus stirring up Jeff's demons will lead somewhere, and I am confident that both creative will come up with something great and Hardy can do a good job with whatever he is given.
One minor criticism, totally unrelated to Hardy, is the interviewer.  Jason Hervey, or whoever it is, really needs to work on their interviewing skills as some of the questions are loaded to the extent of putting words into the mouths of the interviewee.


If you've read any previous #REWIND365 articles, you may notice that I haven't awarded a wooden spoon this week.  I don't know if I am succumbing to the festive cheer, or it was simply because there wasn't an overwhelming amount of videos to choose from, but I didn't feel that any of them warranted criticism enough for a wooden spoon.  The Madison Rayne videos weren't anything to shout about, but I don't think there was a great deal more she could have done given the circumstances of her return in the face of Gail's open challenge to non-TNA talent.
I suppose there is a selfish side of me that is a little disappointed we haven't seen more Christmas related videos yet, especially with all the Thanksgiving messages, so I guess I could wave the wooden spoon collectively at the entire roster apart from Kaz and Daniels.

However, as I said at the top it is the holiday season so all is totally forgiven and I hope the TNA roster are enjoying Christmas in their own special way.
Apologies for the tardiness of this week's rundown.  Living up to the male stereotype I have unfortunately left all of my Christmas shopping until the last minute, and I had to substitute writing yesterday with a mad dash to the shops after work.  As this will be the final #REWIND365 before Christmas, I will take the opportunity to wish everyone a merry one.  Good food, good company and good health to all TNAMeccanites!

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