15 December 2013

#REWIND365: 08-15 Dec 2013

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the week's offerings from #IMPACT365.  Entitlement issues, title changes, suitcases full of title shots, Spud ordering a shot titled a "Lady-Boy Chaser"... all in all a busy week on Impact!

I am happy to say that #IMPACT365 seems be recovering well from the festive drought, with reactionary videos from a whole host of stars, some more coverage of TNA's international endeavours and a few oddities inbetween.  So if you've not had time to catch all of the action, I give you my pick of the week's best as a place to start.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let us know.

Bronze:  Cully Man Ruv Tna!

Some people may consider it borderline racist, and I had a hard time figuring out what he was saying most of the time, but listening to Curry Man talk just cracks me up knowing that it is Christopher Daniels doing that goofy voice under the mask.

Interesting that Curry Man is sticking around, they have already posted a tongue-in-cheek video of him searching for Daniels so I wonder if Bad Influence will do an Abyss style reveal to mock Joseph Park even further.

Still waiting for Curry Man to upload a montage of his dance moves.

Silver:  A Storm Brewing

Storm and Gunner as a tag team didn't resonate with me for a long, long time.  They seemed to be paired up for no other reason than Storm needed a tag partner and they are both big, burly blokes with beards.  They didn't even have much chemistry in the ring.

However, continuing the post-BFG trend, TNA creative have done wonders in giving this otherwise uninspiring tag team a very convincing storyline that could develop into something great for the both of them.  Storm has had some rotten luck in his tag-team career and, as the friction with Gunner continues to mount, there is a suggestion in this video that Storm is just about done with being screwed over.

Gunner and Storm are a team that could blow apart at any moment, which makes them great viewing for me.  I am grateful to see Storm involved in a storyline that has him doing more than swigging beer and bashing out a catchphrase.

Gold:  The Eyes Have It

When Austin Aries stares directly into the camera, the guy demands your attention and you know he means every word that he says.

Finally both the X-Division and Austin Aries are getting some well deserved airtime.  Even better than this though is the knowledge that Austin Aries still has his sights set on Heavyweight gold, because lets face it Aries is at his best when he is reaching up for the next rung in the ladder.

Whichever road he takes to get there, I hope his next stint as World Champion is a long one.  Kudos to Aries for wording this promo so well, he does not directly refer to the World Heavyweight title but rather talks somewhat ambiguously about other belts and other titles.  By doing so he has managed to avoid devaluing the X-Division title he has won as just a stepping-stone.

Bodes well for the X-Division, and hopefully they are going to begin restoring it as the World Title tournament starts drawing to a close!

Wooden Spoon:  Squint and You Can See Angle!

Did we really need to see a thirty second clip of Gail and Kurt being papped in front of a swimming pool?

A bit pap to be honest.

There were quite a lot of short clips uploaded from this India trip, to the extent that I began to get the impression that they were simply uploading stuff for the sake of having something new on #IMPACT365.


I have been digging all of the backstage reactions that they have been uploading since the inception of #IMPACT365, but my only criticism is that the interviewer can at times seem very very quiet.  Can anyone tell whether it is Jason Hervey asking the questions in all these types of segments?  I noticed him gurning in another Dewey and Norv video the other day.

At the beginning of the week we were presented with numerous clips on #IMPACT365 of Gail Kim and Kurt Angle's trip to promote TNA in India.  I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't feel like TNA's new deal with Sony Six in India was given the credit it deserved in wrestling news, when it is in fact a big deal.

A VERY big deal.

India as a potential market is staggeringly huge, a population four times the size of the USA.  If this new partnership with Sony Six gets even a fraction of a percentile more of this population watching TNA, then that is a massive boost to their international fanbase.  Whoever it was in TNA that orchestrated such a deal needs a big pat on the back and I am betting it is moves like these, with the longterm future of TNA in mind, that has VKM worried.  TNA are ahead of the game when it comes to fostering relationships with wrestlers and wrestling organisations abroad, and not even VKM can interfere with that.  He may threaten to blacklist native talent that fraternise with TNA, or pump money into renting an empty Sound Stage to keep TNA out, but this is nothing more than trying to burn down your neighbour's house by setting fire to your own.  It is shortsighted, damaging to the reputation of his own company and stinks of desperation in the face of TNA's growth.

The videos from India were fine, they gave us a glimpse of what Angle and Gail were up to but were just not particularly interesting to watch.  They've already said they are scouting for talent over there, and given that the Sony Six deal is so big I feel it is a dead cert they'll be bringing over a well known name fairly soon to capitalise and give the Indian fans an unequivocal reason to watch TNA over the competition.

I hope in future #IMPACT365 videos we'll be given more footage of these scoutings so we can get a taste of their style of wrestling and what we could expect to see from anyone that they may invite to the States.

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