22 December 2013

UPDATE: Davey Richards Teases Possibly Coming to TNA

In an interesting tidbit, Davey Richards, who wrestled for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla last night, cut a promo after his match against Johnny Gargano.  He told the crowd that he's "off to Orlando" which one would presume he meant NXT.  The fans, of course, began to chant NXT.  What followed was very interesting however...Richards replied that he said Orlando but he "didn't say where".

This perplexes me simply because I had accepted the fact that Davey Richards will most likely sign with the WWE at some point but I have a hard time believing it's a done deal if Davey would risk a contract with WWE by teasing a run in TNA.  Perhaps I'm reading too much into it but I imagine if Richards was certain that he'd be signed by the WWE, he'd never tease signing with TNA.  It wouldn't even occur to him.

UPDATE: According to my TNAMecca colleague, Nick Mann, Davey Richards was evidently referring to the EVOLVE show that he is scheduled to appear in January.  PWInsider has confirmed this as well.

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