03 December 2013

Could AJ Styles Defend his TNA Title in Ring of Honor?

A few days ago, AJ Styles started posting photos from his days in Ring of Honor on his Facebook account.  Under normal circumstances, I'd say such an action would be unprecedented but if taken within the context of Styles' current storyline, the photos could easily be dismissed as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion simply trolling Dixie Carter.  But let's for a moment consider this...could AJ Styles possibly defend his TNA title in Ring of Honor?  Could there ever be an agreement between TNA and ROH whose partnership ended abruptly many years ago?  

Currently, it appears that the plan is for AJ Styles to defend his title in promotions internationally but I think it would make sense to end Styles' tour in the United States.  The logistics of such an event would be much less complicated than an overseas show if, let's say, TNA wanted to perhaps "invade" a promotion for one night.  Although ROH isn't as prestigious as it was five years ago, its name is still much more recognizable than promotions such as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.  Of course, this is all speculation based on Styles posting a few photos on his account but nonetheless, it's fun to think about.  What do you guys think?  Could the two promotions put the hard feelings behind them and find a way to work together?  Is this something you'd like to see happen?

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