23 December 2013

Charismatic Respect

Let’s set the stage for this edition of “Enigma Minded”.  The World Title Tournament is at its conclusion. Jeff  Hardy vs. Magnus at Final Resolution for the World Heavyweight Title in a Dixieland match.  The build up for this match throughout the PPV is reaching its climax. Rather than me just telling you what he said, I’ll just let you see for yourself.

Take notice to what he says in the first 2:16 minutes of the clip:

“All those mistakes are just bad memories and they will not be repeated.” In first hearing this you may think it‘s just a promo for the match and he’s talking about taking shortcuts in becoming the champ before and all those mistakes along the way. While it was just that, a promo, under the surface you can tell Jeff was referring to his personal life as well.  See to me, that’s what made this promo great. It was a touch of a wrestling story and a touch of his personal life. It’s that personal touch that Jeff brings.  I think is what makes so many fans like myself relate to him. A balance of entertainment and simply put “this is me” perspective. He’s not so over the top that it’s cheesy. His promos may not be as great as other wrestlers out there but they reflect him and I find that respectable.“I love to entertain the world, to entertain the creatures right here in this ring.” If you have been watching Jeff Hardy’s career you can see examples of this time and time again. Even in my previous article, I pointed out some key moments in showing how Jeff had become more seasoned and in those matches you can also see how much he loves to entertain. If you want a more recent example, how about one of his signature moves “Whisper in the Wind” from the top of the cage on Magnus from this very PPV …. 

By the fan reaction you can tell the TNA fans loved it. The place exploded with cheers. The ability to do things that others wouldn’t dare do is something he brings to the wrestling industry. I believe this is another reason why the fans like him. He brings an energy and charisma not seen in others.  It is those qualities that cause Jeff to push himself to be one of the best entertainers in the ring. Fans know that when they watch a Jeff Hardy match to expect the unexpected. He’s expected to do something that no other wrestler will do. This has gained him respect from the fans as well as his fellow wrestlers.Now let me direct your attention to an interview with Jeff Hardy that takes place right after his match with Magnus. 

This time, we see Jeff getting some medical attention after the match as well as his reaction to everything that went on at Final Resolution. The particular part that I want to focus on is when Jeff is asked about speaking from the heart. When he says, “There’s times in my career where I’ve had no other choice but to speak from the heart, be honest, and real.” I believe it. Some could argue and say I only believe it because I am a fan. However, I have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Jeff’s prior actions in the last few years have proved himself not only to me but other fans as well. More importantly to himself. Proving himself by his actions gives me no other reason but to believe what he says is true and from the heart. It’s a part of his recovery. In the end you have to respect someone that lives up to the words he says.

As you know from watching Final Resolution Jeff Hardy did not win the World Heavyweight Title. What he did do however is go out and give it his all. Whether it was the promos or the Dixieland match itself he shows he puts it all out there. He progressed the story along and made the main event very entertaining for all fans. Now why would I mention this night in particular of all nights to talk about respect? Simple. As a long time fan I’m observant and what I’ve noticed is that Jeff doesn’t go out and demand respect. He earns it. He digs deep and works hard. You may or may not be a Jeff Hardy fan but one has to respect everything he has done to bring himself back from the brink and the things he’s been through. He’s been doing a remarkable job since his return both in and outside of the ring. Definitely keep your eyes open as to what lies ahead. You know the Creatures of the Night will be watching closely. Until next time Creatures…

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