02 December 2013

Change is Coming to TNA. This Time, for Real.

There were quite a few things that I disliked about the Hogan/Bischoff era but the one thing that truly irritated me was the constant hyping of "change" in TNA.  Since the arrival of Hogan and Bischoff, all we heard was "change is coming", "TNA will change forever", "things will never be the same", etc.  If it wasn't Dixie Carter hyping "change" on social media or interviews, it was Hogan shoving it down our throats on Impact.  And it all started the night Hulk Hogan appeared on UFC for the much-ballyhooed announcement that Impact would be moving to Mondays on January 4th to battle the WWE.  It all reeked of aggrandizement but we all bought it.  We all fell for it.  What fools we all were.  

Unfortunately, Hogan sold us the same rubbish for almost four years.  He, and Eric Bischoff, would revolutionize pro wrestling, he told us, with Open Fight Night...and Championship Thursday.  Immortal and the Aces and 8's, we were told, will change TNA forever.  It was such bullshit.  But history will not be kind to the Hogan/Bischoff regime in TNA.  Their time here will be looked back on as the era of "change, and other hyperbole" in order to disguise the fact that they are both one trick ponies.

I've been a fan of TNA for many years and I don't ever recall the company teasing change or making exaggerated claims in order to draw viewers before Hogan and Bischoff arrived.  The TNA of old often teased a big surprise but they delivered on their promise more times than not, such as the debuts of Kurt Angle and Christian Cage.

And it's not at all a coincidence that TNA have once again, post-Hogan/Bischoff, gone about their business quietly and discreetly.  In the last few months, TNA has gone through many changes as they slowly transition from Hogan's art of wrestling to Jarrett's TNA rasslin'.  We haven't heard a peep from anyone in the company about "change" or any empty rhetoric about the ways TNA will never be the same again.  And I find it all so refreshing.

Jeff Jarrett's influence over TNA is noticeable and as much as I love what I'm seeing, the one thing that I'm looking forward to the most is the company teasing a big surprise...and actually delivering.  Because if there's one thing that old school TNA did well, it was the element of surprise.  They excelled at the subtle hints until the time came when they smacked us right across the face with a shocking reveal or twist.

Change is coming to TNA but this time, we don't need the company to tell us.  We can see for ourselves.

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