20 November 2013

Will Joseph Park's showdown be Abyssmal?

Not since Clark Kent and Superman have a pair of black-rimmed spectacles been so inexplicably successful at disguising a man's true identity from his peers.  Yet it has been over 18 months since Joseph Park first appeared on our screens in search of his brother and the TNA locker-room seem none the wiser.

As two of TNA's most notorious comic book fans, it seems wholly appropriate that Kazarian and Daniels are the ones that are finally beginning to lift the lid on this caper.  After three weeks of bullying and cajoling from Bad Influence, Joseph Park has decided to lay these rumours to bed and challenge his brother Abyss to a match this Thursday at Turning Point.

So will we see this storyline dragging its heels for yet another week, or will we see a meaningful turning point in the plot?  And at this stage of the game, what exactly is meaningful?

I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of the TNA fanbase believe that Park is Abyss, and Impact over the past several months have been hinting towards this with about as much subtlety as a headshot from Janice.  With that in mind I feel that the success of this storyline is not going to be determined by its outcome, which the fans have long suspected, but rather by its execution.

I very much doubt that the current TNA writers are entirely the same team that devised the Joseph Park character all those months ago, but it is now their responsibility to bring about a conclusion that will satisfy the fans.  They have a golden opportunity on their hands to not only restore one of the TNA originals back to his former glory, but also bring relevance back to the long-neglected Television Title in one fell swoop.

On the back of the strength of writing since Bound For Glory I am optimistic, but remain wary for if they drop the ball on this one it will be egregious, felonious and potentially the biggest disappointment since Ben Affleck was announced as the next Batman.

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