16 November 2013

What's Next for AJ Styles?

TNA released a statement on last night reagrding AJ Styles.  The following is an excerpt (click here to read the full statement): 

"Over the last several days Styles has reportedly received inquiries from promoters in the UK, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Syles also told the Wrestle-1 crowd last night that he intended to return to Japan."  

We reported on a potential match between AJ Styles and Lionheart earlier on TNAMecca but it's nice to see that Canada and Puerto Rico are also likely landing spots for AJ Styles.  This storyline is becoming more interesting by the day, in my opinion, with its developing stories on a regular basis.  Kudos to TNA for an exceptional job in its execution, which isn't at all an easy thing when you consider the logistics of having to work with other promotions internationally.

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