21 November 2013

TNA Thursday Randomania - Nov 21, 2013

- I'd like to begin, this week, with the AJ Styles storyline and its supposed similarities to CM Punk's in the WWE.  Yes, the concept is similar.  So similar that some including an owner of a prominent wrestling site refuse to accept the TNA version as anything but a poor imitation.  To those people I say, you're a dumbass...because the similarities end there - it's the same concept.  That's it.  Someone, on Twitter, the other night challenged me to name the differences between the Styles and Punk angles.  My response?  None.  I ended the discussion at that point.  If someone, who's followed the latest developments in the Styles story, can not see the differences then they're not being objective.  It's as simple as that.  Let's be real...this is the best storyline in pro wrestling right now, and the most compelling.  TNA have already gone where WWE wouldn't and the story doesn't appear to be even close to coming to an end.

- Zema Ion did an interview this week in which he claimed that someone in TNA was upset with him for making the company look bad when he took to the internet to ask for money for his medical bills.  If true, this is unfortunate.  I can't imagine, however, that going public with this will endear him to that person.  Hopefully, this doesn't affect Ion's status in TNA and we will see him return at some point.  He's a young talent with enormous potential and there isn't exactly of bevy of them roaming around the TNA backstage area these days.  Incidentally, Ion tweeted earlier today that he's "currently somewhere much much warmer than Pittsburgh."

- So it appears that the next wrestler to accept Gail Kim's open challenge is a blonde.  She's also someone whose name Kim had to google to learn more about her.  It certainly sounds like Candice LeRae, who tweeted the following late last night, "To the airport I go again!"

- I have to admit, I'm curious to see what the new Impact Zone looks like.  I'm also downright giddy just thinking about the pyros that will open tonight's show.  It's an exciting time to be a TNA fan simply because the company is going through a transition in order to remove the stench that is the Hulk Hogan era, which set the company back two years in my opinion.  The old TNA is back and the Impact Zone is home again.  I can't imagine a more fitting name than tonight's show: Turning Point.

- If Ethan Carter III's next opponent is Shark Boy, I will mark out like a pageant queen who's just won Miss USA.  I couldn't think of a better way to use Shark Boy.  Make it happen, TNA!

- And finally, there will be blood tonight.  Probably not in the Samoa Joe vs Magnus match but certainly in one of the other two, maybe both.  Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson, in particular, has been so brutally violent that I can't even fathom what it will take to end this feud.  How many times have we heard in recent weeks that someone will get piledriven through the ring.  I wonder, did they mean this literally?  I, for one, can not wait to find out.  Tonight's show is one of the most anticipated nights in TNA history and don't let anyone tell you otherwise - not the dirtsheets, not the pretentious writers of other wrestling sites who will downplay this night, and not the haters on social media.  Tonight, TNA will make a statement.  It's a new, but familiar, era.  For those of us who've been watching TNA for a decade, we will welcome it with open arms.  For those of you who started watching TNA after 2009, you are in for a treat!

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