14 November 2013

TNA Thursday Randomania - Nov 14, 2013

- I'd like to begin this week with the recent trend of TNA talent appearing on shows of other promotions, in the US and abroad.  Although we've always seen wrestlers not under contract with TNA work in other promotions, it's only been recently that all wrestlers have sought opportunities elsewhere.  I don't think this is simply a coincidence.  I think it's by design.  And I believe that it's part of a bigger plan but I won't speculate on what that might be.  In any case, in recent weeks, AJ Styles has wrestled in AAA vs El Mesias for the TNA world heavyweight championship.  This will be a televised match.  Samoa Joe wrestled at a CWFHollywood house show vs Willie Mack.  Bully Ray invaded a House of Hardcore show and attacked Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk.  He also announced the One Night Only: Old School PPV.  Although I believe the show will be released on DVD, I can not confirm that the Bully Ray appearance will be included.  This Sunday, AJ Styles is scheduled to wrestle in Wrestle-1 vs Seiya Sanada, again, in defense of the TNA world title.  In addition, Jay Bradley and Rob Terry are due to appear on the show although there are no specifics on their opponents.  And finally, Eric Young is scheduled to wrestle in FWE vs Colt Cabana on December 7th.  That's quite a bit of activity for TNA talent who are under contract.  Is this merely a case of talent looking to make some extra cash?  I'm not so sure.  But only time will tell.

- Since the night AJ Styles drove off in a brand new car with the license plate 11/09/13, we've been speculating on what the number could mean or if there was any significance at all.  But the day came and went and there was barely any mention of it - I believe the only person to bring it up was TNAMecca reader, Lewis Harris.  However, a couple of days later, another one of our readers, Kolton Eichers, astutely made the observation that Bully Ray invaded House of Hardcore on November 9, 2013.  And he is correct.  Let's recap...a number appears on the license plate of a car that Dixie Carter bought for AJ Styles.  The number is the date in which Bully Ray - the man who lost to Styles - invaded another promotion.  That is some kind of coincidence.

- The fact that SpikeTV has officially become a factor in the storyline between AJ Styles and Dixie Carter leads me to believe that TNA are going down a very interesting road.  The network could very well remain neutral, as is the case right now, but could they play an important role when it's all said and done?

- It's been a week since Gail Kim announced her open challenge to any female wrestler who's not currently in TNA.  Could we see someone step up tonight and take her up on her challenge?  I suspect that we'll see a handful of young women wrestlers come to TNA as part of this angle only to lose but I'm curious to see who it is that the company will choose to be the one - the one who ultimately defeats Gail Kim and takes her title away.  Could it be Candice LeRae?  Nikki Storm?  Santana Garrett?  Ivelisse Velez?  Mia Yim?  I suppose it can be any one of them but TNA have an opportunity to make a huge statement with this angle, particularly in women's wrestling, if they choose wisely.  The wise choice, in my opinion, would be Shanna.  She would be my endgame.

- Some have commented on social media that Ethan Carter III's jobbers, Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum, are getting over and he is not.  This is simply not true.  Dewey and Norv, who are hugely entertaining in their own right, are getting over because of EC3.  The character of EC3 is generating the sort of heat that's caused live crowds to chant the names of two jobbers.  As a result, Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum have quickly become cult favorites, so much so that TNA fans are clamoring for the two to join forces and form a tag team.  And you can count me in.

- And finally, the 24/7 initiative, otherwise known as #Impact365, has been a wonderful new way to enjoy the Impact Wrestling experience.  As a fan who has wanted to see more programming from TNA, I'm genuinely enjoying these wonderful little nuggets of the wrestlers' lives at home and on the road.  Something as simple as James Storm playing basketball with his little boy or Kurt Angle training at home with his kids is so refreshing and such a joy to watch.  For an industry that gets unfairly stigmatized, we forget that although they are larger than life characters with a unique talent, they are human beings just like the rest of us.  I appreciate the fact that TNA and its talented roster have essentially invited us into their homes.  I've noticed, however, some do not enjoy this concept or simply dismiss it as unnecessary, but I have to wonder, why is that?  TNA have found a way to entertain their fans all week long and not just on Thursday nights.  What's so bad about that?  And here's the kicker...TNA does not require you to download their app to watch this footage.  But enough of the haters.  All I know is this...the wrestling company that has been the most fan friendly just got, well, fan-friendlier.

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