24 November 2013

Thoughts on the New Impact Zone

This past Thursday saw TNA return to Universal Studio's Orlando, and after finding out that they would be taping in Soundstage 19, a smaller space compared to their former home Soundstage 21, many wondered what the venue would look like and how the smaller space would come across on TV, and I must say I was fairly impressed with what I saw on Thursday night.

I'm pleased that TNA are using a smaller version of their road stage in the Impact Zone. I thought the stage made TNA look very major league when they had it on the road, and using it in the new Impact Zone will be a big plus to the building's presentation. The seating layout looks way better than what it was before. The elevated seats look so much better than the old bleachers, the lay-out of the seating as well as the actual seats make it look like a small arena rather than a soundstage.

The hard camera angle seemed a little different, like it was more level and focused on the ring. I really liked that as it made me feel closer to the action. From what I saw on TV, it looked really good. It didn't seem like they were in a soundstage, but in a smaller arena, which is great as it eliminates an issue the Impact Zone used to have. There is no elevated seating across from the stage, its not a huge issue, however there were times where that black empty space would have looked a lot better with people in it. There weren't many seating areas on the hard camera side either, it wasn't an issue on TV, but I'm sure they could improve it, allowing for more fans to see the show which should increase the sound of the crowd.

It's safe to say the new Impact Zone is still a work in progress. TNA made sure the main parts of the arena were done for Turning Point, however I think between now and the next set of tapings in early December they will make improvements. I think they will add elevated seating to the back wall across from the stage, it looks like there is room to do it and I'm sure they will be happy to accommodate for more people to attend. I don't doubt they will work on the hard camera side either, from the images I saw from Thursday it looked like it was a last minute job which has yet to be finished.

Right now the venue apparently holds 700 fans, like I said above I think they will add more seating by the next set of tapings to increase the capacity. The smaller space can help the audio of the crowd come through better on TV, the less space for the sounds to escape, and the more fans they can get in, the louder the crowd should sound. Already it looks like TNA have made a good start on their new home, and I think the finished product will be very good. Some of the issues from the old Impact Zone have been addressed, and it gives me faith that TNA's return to the Impact Zone won't have as much affect on the show as we first thought.

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