01 November 2013

The REAL Monster Stood Up

Think back to the early days of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.  Those early days were so unique and pure.  The wrestling was top notch and the fledgling company was proving it's worth on a week to week basis.  There was also a Monster at that time that struck fear in the hearts of the audience and his opponents.  THAT Abyss was frickin' brutal and vicious.  He craved blood and his toys were thumbtacks, barbwire and glass.  THAT Abyss was intimidating and an amazing heel.  His handler was The Sinister Minister, Father James Mitchell, and together they were a horror movie personified in the ring.  Now, fast-forward to today. 

We have been getting hints of The Monster Abyss the entire time that Joseph Park has existed.  Unless you are mentally handicapped, you realize that Abyss and Joseph Park are the same person as it's not a mystery.  Now, I realize that this storyline has been dragged out at a snails pace.  In my opinion, there was a distinct reason for that.  Hulk Hogan ruined the Abyss character.  You know it and I know it and everyone knows it.  The Abyss-A-Mania angle took the Monster's balls and put them in a blender.  It made him a damn cartoon character.  That was not the real Abyss. 

So, in my estimation, the writers had to literally get rid of the character for a while to let that prior damage fade away.  You can't just get rid of one of your most talented performers.  Thus Joseph Park was born.  Joseph is entertaining and has a great sense of humor (Just look to the recent BFG Road Trip videos with EY for proof).  I imagine that is a big part of Chris Parks; being a goofball and making others laugh.  It is a character that he can come back to and we now know it's in his repertoire.  However, that REAL ABYSS that I mentioned above has been itching to return.  Not an Abyss that comes in for one appearance here and there and then lets Joseph Park control things again.  No, this Abyss appears to now be in control of his 3 personalities.

Guess what?  I just saw that real Abyss a few feet away from me at the Salt Lake City IMPACT tapings and he is BACK!  When I looked into his eyes I knew that all of the damage that had been done to his character in the last few years was now gone.  Those fallacies are now faded away.  Those of us that are fans of Chris Parks understand the complexities of his characters and realize when he is on his game.  I snapped this picture in that moment when I realized Abyss was himself again.  You cannot tell me that this Abyss does not look badass:

If you are an old-school TNA fan, you should be elated to see TNA originals like AJ Styles and Abyss in the lime light and recapturing their momentum.  The question now is, can EY tame this renewed Monster?  The Scientist has unlocked the secrets to the transformation that occurs when Joseph bleeds.  The mark in me wants to see a movie-production style version of "American Werewolf in London" transformation scene with Joseph morphing into Abyss in a vignette but I digress.  So it seems as though we will get a Abyss/EY tag team for the time being.  Eventually I think Abyss needs to go back to his roots even more with a return of Father James Mitchell and Judas Mesias.  Those 2 could feud with EY for the control of Abyss and also harness and cultivate the memories of a younger Monster.  This storyline needs to have that kind of tie-in to give it legitimacy and to show respect to TNA history.  Everything will be sorted eventually, but for now I'm telling you, the Real Monster just stood up.

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