29 November 2013

Rockstar Chief of Staff

What a difference an IMPACT makes!  Those of us that watched TNA British Boot Camp were treated to the return of one Rockstar Spud on TNA's flagship show from Thursday.  He showed how great of a talker he is and how he naturally has a presence in front of the LIVE and TV audiences.  He may be short in stature but he is not short in talent and will prove to be a valuable commodity on IMPACT in the future.  With the impending 2014 U.K. Tour on the horizon, here comes the newest member of #TeamDixie to charm us with his lovely British accent.  The Rockstar Chief of Staff is here to stay and "his eyes & ears might as well be Dixie's eyes & ears". 

Here, yet again, is another TNA roster member that has honed his skills in OVW and now gets to display them for the world to see.  The interaction that he had with Dixie Carter is just a small appetizer of what we potentially will see from Spud from this point on.  He is witty, cocky and not afraid to defend his newly christened "American Queen".  As Dixie adds more members to her team, we are starting to get a clearer picture of the nepotism and "ass-kisser minions" theme that she has intentions to surround herself with.  Meanwhile, this younger stable of talent gets much-needed time to further themselves and continue to get over.  There really is not much of a downside to how things are coming together in this regard.  

Am I totally crazy to think that Spud's character reminds me of "a butler with ulterior motives"?  He is doing what he has to at the moment to get his foot in the door, as his charm melts Dixie's heart.  Don't think for a minute that Spud wouldn't take advantage of an opportunity if it presented itself though.  He still is a rockstar, you know?  Rockstars are selfish and crave the spotlight.  For now though, he'll play his role and bide his time until The Chief of Staff needs to pop someone in the nose for stepping out of line. 

Picture it: "Anything else for now Madam?  No?  Then I will bid you a good night."  (Sly grin on his face).  His bow-tie and tuxedo makes him look professional but there was a glimmer of deceit in that wry smile.  The seeds are being planted for multiple new personas in TNA to really grow and flourish.  It's up to them to harness their potential and produce a new crop of IMPACT Wrestling superstars.   

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