02 November 2013

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Oct 31, 2013

Halloween is a fun holiday and it was interesting to have an episode of IMPACT included as part of my festivities.  It was an extra treat for me to have this also be the 2nd taping of the Salt Lake shows that I attended.  Dixie starts the show off again by giving us more #HeelDixie realness.  To say I like her character is an understatement.  Bless you hearts.  She introduces the new World Title tourney contestants, and nifty little video intros follow for each man.  Bully tries to rain on her parade but she is having none of it.  Mr. Anderson comes out to brawl with The Prez and further their feud.

Bromans had amazing heat with the SLC crowd and this match with Storm & Gunner was decent.  Dixie is all coy in the back with Sting as she puts him in the gauntlet for the 8th spot in the tourney.  EC3 is convincing here again as he disposes of Norv. Crowd chanted "Let's Go Blue Guy" at Norv which was awesome.  There was also a "EC3" chant when the ref counted "1,2,3".  Good job for suggesting that to him Rob Kimball!  Looks like he took you up on it!  The gauntlet was fine, but it felt pretty long in person.  Sting got a huge pop and a nice "You've still go it" chant.  No surprise that Magnus won, as his dynamic with Sting gets another layer here.  Gail VS ODB has been done 1,000 times but at least ODB got a nice reaction from the crowd and Lei'D Tapa was involved with it. 

My personal favorite segment on the night was Bad Influence playing Sherlock and Watson looking for Abyss.  The Scientist EY comes out in a Joseph Park-esqe track suit to confront them, leading to an appearance by The Monster.  I tried to convey this in my column, but Abyss looks really good and convincing to me; more so than I have seen in a long time.  Angle VS Roode was a really good match as they exchanged wrestling holds and moves at an impressive rate.  Angle is a superb actor as I really became concerned for him in person when he left the ring. 

Favourite Moment - Abyss returning and dominating Bad Influence was my favorite moment.  They totally cut it short too because they went to a backstage segment before it was done. 

Least Favourite Moment - The BroMans VS Gunner/Storm was uninspiring, but not horrible.

MVP of the Night - I thought Kurt Angle was the star of the night with his ability to sell an injury and the wrestling clinic that he put on.

Grade - Last week was amazing so obviously there was gonna be some drop-off. I give the show a B.

I enjoyed the opening segment, it addressed and progressed several things and achieved what it needed. Dixie continues to be great as her heel persona, and she is truly a joy to watch in this role. I like the video's that aired for each participant in the tournament, they did feel a little rushed but they were definitely appreciated. Im glad they have distanced Bully from the title, not because he wasnt a bad champion because thats not the case, but the Bully/Anderson feud can stand alone. The backstage attack by Bully added even more fire to what should be a great rivalry with Anderson.

Good match from BroMans and Saints & Sinners. I'm glad BroMans are showing something in ring, unfortunately its at the expense of a team I think could be great. Not a bad match with BroMans retaining, hopefully we get more focus on the Tag division and more teams challenging for the belts. Im not a fan of Dixie wanting to lift Sting's ban from competing for the World Title. I didn't she the point of why she would want to do it, especially after Sting has shown he is not a fan of the new Dixie. Bad Influence continue to entertain, and this Brit very much enjoyed their impersonation of a 1900's detective.

The EC3 vs Norv Fernum rematch was fun. I really like EC3, and TNA are adding an nice comedic twist to these squash matches that keep me entertained. The gauntlet match was Ok; some random participants but the right man won. It was interesting with Magnus eliminating Sting, granted that's the aim of the game but with their recent interactions. I'm sure its not the last we have heard of it. Good match between ODB and Gail Kim, unfortunately I've seen this too many times and I'm more bothered about seeing a new Knockout joining the division and challenging Kim for the title.

Fun segment with Bad Influence continuing with the Throwback Thursday theme. EY as Joseph Park was comical, and the return of Abyss was a nice bonus for Halloween. I really hope now we start addressing this Abyss/Joseph Park connection, as its time for this story to progress. The Wheel of Dixie should be fun, lol. I'm assuming that every match in the World Title Tournament will have a stipulation determined by the wheel. Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin in Full Metal Mayhem should be great next week.

Great main event match. Roode vs Angle delivered again. Im very interesting to see where this story with Angle goes. He did a great job of selling his injury post match. If you haven't seen the #IMPACT365 video of Angle backstage post-match then please watch it. It's great acting from Angle that even had me concerned.

Favourite Moment - Angle vs Roode. I thought it was a great match with a unique ending that has me hooked to see what Angle's condition is.

Least Favourite Moment - The backstage segment with Dixie & Sting. It wasn't their fault as they were both great during is, but I just didn't understand why Dixie wanted to lift Sting's ban.

MVP of the Night - Kurt Angle, he had a great match with Bobby Roode, and his selling both on Impact and backstage was truly great.

Grade - This show gets a B from me. It was a fun show with some good wrestling and story development. It was never going to match last weeks Impact, but it still had a good feel to it.

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