30 November 2013

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Nov 28, 2013

Chris Regal
For those of you who started watching Impact after 2009, you were treated to a Thanksgiving episode that was the norm before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to TNA.  The company pulled out its old playbook and treated us to a wonderfully enjoyable evening of wrestling, shenanigans, and more importantly, laughs.  TNA makes me laugh on a weekly basis with the antics of Bad Influence, Joseph Park and others, but this week, I was hurting from all the laughter by the end of the night.  It was truly that funny.  The one thing that struck me about the show is the comedic timing.  Every talent was on cue, this week, with his or her delivery and it made for some really funny moments.

Let's begin with the Aces and 8's funeral.  It was quite possibly the best produced segment by TNA this year, from start to finish, and perhaps in their history.  Anything I write about it, I wouldn't do the segment justice so I suggest you watch it and enjoy it. Prepare to cry from laughter.  The dinner in the final segment was equally as funny with each each guest's speech on what he or she is thankful for, Roode ousting Velvet Sky from the table, and the brawl that ensued to close out the show.  Again, this was one of those segments with so many moving parts that all came together to create one fantastic spectacle.

Overall, it was a holiday episode so the storyline progression was minimal.  However, we still saw the returns of Rockstar Spud (as Dixie Carter's Chief of Staff) and Zema Ion (as the Bro Mans' DJ); Ethan Carter III and Lei'D Tapa winning matches to continue their build; a little more tension between James Storm and Gunner; and Magnus possibly faking an injury to get out of the elimination match.  In other words, this was not a filler episode by any means. 

Favourite Moment - The Aces and 8s funeral.  Like I said above, it's easily in the TOP 5 segments in TNA history, and quite possibly, the best produced overall.  Some place it right below the EGO Hall of Fame ceremony from earlier this year but I think it surpasses it. 

Least Favourite Moment - I'm not sure there were any that I hated so I will pass on this category,  thus week.

MVP of the Night - In the spirit of giving, I will award this to the team of Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes, this week, for their frog splash finale on the Bro Mans while wearing the turkey suits. 

Grade - I will grade this on a curve simply because it was a holiday episode so taking all that into account, as a Thanksgiving episode, Impact gets a well-deserved A- from me.  It was easily one of TNA's funniest episodes in a long time and when it was done, I was left with a smile on my face.  It's more than I can say about RAW this week or this month.

It was nice to see Rockstar Spud return as Dixie's Chief Of Staff. It think it can add another layer to the Dixie character now having her own personal assistant that she can be the bitchy boss to at times. It's also good that Spud is getting a role on TV, I'm sure he'll do well in his new role. I loved the return of Curry Man, a great comedy character returning to take on EC3. Good squash match with EC3 continuing his undefeated streak.

Tapa and Velvet was short, but like most of the matches on the show was a quick squash to put over the winners. Tapa still needs work but improvements are being made, so a one off singles match here and there doesn't hurt. I like Zema Ion being paired with the BroMans. His pretty boy character fits with the group, and the additional layer to him being their DJ adds to his character and the group. That airhorn was hilarious, Zema playing it after Robbie E insulted Norv was fantastic. Another quick squash with Norv and Dewey embracing the Turkey Suits. Very interesting with Dixie ultimatum. I'm intrigued to see what happens next week if AJ does or doesn't return the title, and what exactly Dixie will do if he doesn't return it.

Good lord that funeral was down right brilliant. You knew we were getting something good when we stared with Magnus texting, Joe eating, Eric Young crying and not knowing why, and Mr Anderson coming out of the casket. This segment mocked everything, the amount of segments the group had, D-Lo's head wobble, Joe's weight, Kurt's drinking problem, Taz' commentary and so much more. This segment was filled with great moments and one liners. The ending with Bully was interesting, a much darker Bully seemed to emerge, I'm interested to see where his character goes now that his club has disbanded.

I enjoyed the main event. Team Roode oozed awesome and Chris Sabin should become a member of EGO ASAP. We got more story progression with Gunner & Storm, as well as Angle and Roode. The winner winner turkey dinner was a fun ending to the show. It covered several feuds and was a nice way to end this Thanksgiving special. 

Favourite Moment - The Aces & 8's funeral. From start to finish it was fantastic, so many great one liners and moments, segment of the year for sure.

Least Favourite Moment - It was tough to choose, but I'd'd say Tapa vs Sky. This match felt like filler for Thanksgiving, especially because of the weekly challenge Kim has been putting on, it just felt like it was thrown in their because it was a holiday show and they didn't want the open challenge on the show. 

MVP of the Night - The star of the show, Eric Young. He was great in the funeral, the Turkey Bowl and the brawl at the end of the show, even using the Turkey as a weapon.

Grade - This was a holiday show, and it was a great holiday show. It's an A from me. Very funny Impact to cover Thanksgiving, while there was comedy, there was also story progression which made this a great offering for the Thanksgiving special. 

Such a nice example, yet again, of how a character changes perception of a wrestler as Rockstar Spud fits perfectly into this #TeamDixie Chief of Staff role.  I always liked Spud but they now have a place for him on the main roster which is great.  EC3 (another #TeamDixie member) also was very good here as he interacted with Aunt D. and Spud, and then beat Curry Man's ass.  Previews for the Aces & 8's Funeral were shown throughout the show and were presented well.  Lei'D Tapa is a dominant force as she destroyed Velvet.  She still needs some polish on her game but an occasional singles match like this is great.  She will continue to hone her game in OVW and get an education from Gail until she is ready to really be featured alone.
Zema being in the Bro Mans group makes me happy since he is ultra-talented in the ring.  Now, his character as a DJ makes him more interesting and heelish.  His annoying "horn sound" he kept pushing was hard on the ears but in a heel-manner that worked.  Taz referring to it all night got old eventually though.  The Nerd Squad (Dewey & Norv) played the role of Turkey suit losers and added to the comedic-gold-type-of-night.

The Funeral of A's & 8's was so frickin' hilarious! So many funny and shoot-work comments here.  Nice way to put the club to rest and get a good laugh on Thanksgiving.  All participants were awesome here.  Bully shows up and shows a really dark, evil side to his persona threatening Anderson's wife and unborn children.  Wow, roller coaster of a segment.  The 4 on 4 elimination match was good wrestling and Angle did like 5 billion German suplexes.  EGO was spot-on and I was really entertained.  Winner winner Turkey Dinner was a great way to end the show and further a mass amounts of current feuds.  The crowd loved it and it was appropriate for a Thanksgiving Day edition of IMPACT.

Favourite Moment - The Funeral segment was a classic one, no doubt.

Least Favourite Moment - The horn of Zema Ion needs less attention next time.  Hope he has more sound bytes on his "1's & 2's" then a horn remix.

MVP of the Night - Rockstar Spud was my MVP of the night.  He reminds me of a butler with attitude and an ulterior motive. 

Grade - I give this show a SOLID A! I haven't laughed that hard during an IMPACT in months.

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