01 December 2013

#REWIND365: 24-30 Nov 2013

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the week's offerings from #IMPACT365.  I hadn't intended to turn this edition into a Thanksgiving special, but aside from a few post-Turning Point reactions and a couple of other oddities, the bulk of this week's output was dominated by members of the TNA roster telling us what they are thankful for.

Everyone deserves to be with their family at this time of year, working their stomach muscles with copious amounts of turkey and mashed potato, and that includes wrestlers.  With that in mind, it is completely understandable that there was not the variety of uploads that we have seen in previous weeks.  There were some gems however, and in case you were unable to steal a few moments away from family I have chosen my favourites from this Thanksgiving week.

Bronze:  Tenay is thankful for gambling

Between this video and his sterling performance during the Aces & Eights funeral, I've seen a side of the Professor that I'd really like to see more of as he is a funny guy.  Love the gentle ribbing from Jeremy Borash about mentioning gambling and Howard Stern before family, and Tenay's forlorn look when he talks about Taz.

Borash and Tenay have a great chemistry, and I think Borash could add a lot to the table if they brought back the three-man announce team.  They already do a decent job on Xplosion, Tenay and JB could call the match amongst themselves whenever Taz goes off on a wild tangent talking about something daft like the size of Eric Young's head.

Speaking of which...

Silver:  EY is thankful for free stuff

I defy anyone not to smile when Eric Young cuts a promo!  I haven't seen or heard anywhere near enough of him since his road trip, and as much as I would like to see the return of Abyss there is a big part of me that wants a couple more #IMPACT365 videos of EY and Joseph Park goofing about before that happens.

By far the funniest Thanksgiving video this year in my opinion, and you can tell when EY is thanking the fans of Impact Wrestling that there is some very genuine love there.

Gold:  Magnus is not thankful for the backlash

After months of subtle hints since the BFG series and beyond, we finally see a very definite suggestion in this video that Magnus could be on the turn.  Whether all of the past hints have been deliberately subtle, or we as fans have been seeing what we want to see on the back of one of the most lacklustre pushes in recent memory, the fans online have long been speculating that Magnus was to become a heel.

I feel it is this online speculation that Magnus is responding to, rather than about him seizing opportunities as the video's title suggests, and I find this immensely reassuring.  It demonstrates that TNA really have their finger on the pulse when it comes to gauging the mood amongst the fans, and are prepared to turn any negative murmurs into positive story-telling angles.  This is just something you could not expect to see a few months back before the departure of a certain somebody, brother.

As ever, nothing is ever certain in TNA.  However, given that this video is flat out throwing fuel on the fire of speculation, the Magnus heel turn just became a whole lot more likely in my eyes and I am very much looking forward to the possibility.

Awesome to see Magnus demonstrating how good his mic work is compared to the stilted pre-Turning Point clip we saw last week.  This felt a lot more real in its delivery, off the cuff and shows just how great he can be when he hasn't had the time to over-think what he is going to say. 

Just like Rockstar Spud this week on Impact, Magnus has all the tools needed to be a key part of Team Dixie!

Wooden Spoon:  Fail Fail Turkey Gail

I am not sure how many of the TNAMecca readers are romantics, so I could possibly get a lot of stick for this one, but this week's wooden spoon is awarded jointly to Gail Kim and her husband Robert Irvine.

I like the fact that #IMPACT365 can at times give us a glimpse into the real lives of the TNA roster when the cameras stop rolling on Impact.

I like the fact that these two are so in love.

What I don't like is when these two facts combine to become one of the most uncomfortable videos I have watched this year.  Quite an impressive feat considering that 2013 is the year I bore witness to Hulk Hogan trading in both his dignity and his pants to swing bollock-naked on a wrecking ball.

The duo of Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa are really on a roll dominating the Knockouts Division right now, so to see Gail Kim and her husband gushing over how thankful they are for each other was painful to watch.  I don't know very much about Robert Irvine, he seems like a decent chap what with thanking the work our armed forces are doing right now and I am guessing he is a friend of the show.  I would just prefer that if Gail Kim and this older gent are going to become all googly-eyed like a couple of teenagers, then #IMPACT365 refrains from filming it.

I am thankful that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, otherwise I'd still be picking out bits of regurgitated Winner Winner Turkey Dinner from my keyboard after watching this video.


Last week I found it difficult to pick a video for Gold, and this week it was the wooden spoon that was in contention.  Therefore, a special mention to Brooke Tessmacher and her family for narrowly missing out on the spoon with her Twerksgiving video.  I could quite happily watch footage of Brooke jiggling her posterior all day long, but this video took the embarrassing Dad stereotype to disturbing new heights.

Kudos to the TNA staff for uploading #IMPACT365 content this holiday week.  They may have a break in filming to celebrate the festivities, but they still care enough about the fans and had the foresight to pre-record footage for us.  Thank you TNA!

With TNA returning to its Thanksgiving traditions, I would like to share with you my earliest Thanksgiving wrestling memory.  Enjoy, and remember if you agree, disagree or downright hated my picks please share below your favourite picks from this week's #IMPACT365.

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