04 November 2013

Random Thoughts on TNA for Sale Rumors and OVW

- I will, first, tackle the topic that seems to have seized the internet community and that is the "TNA for sale" rumors.  Unfortunately, I wasn't happy to see some of that lunacy spill over to TNAMecca but I think overall we were able to discuss and debate rather than turn the situation into a circus.  Although that's what it felt like much of the time in the Janice Carter thread, I think everyone, in the end, took a step back and was able to compose themselves for the better good of our site.  We encourage discussion but we also understand that a good heated debate is oftentimes appropriate.  We will not, however, tolerate trolling or ranting of any kind.  If you feel you want to act like a maniac, there are many other sites that tolerate it and, at times, even invite it.  

In any case, as far as the rumors are concerned, we must keep in mind that we have not heard anything official from a reliable source so it's all speculation at this point.  The only thing, however, that I consider legit is the Janice Carter story which was reported by PWInsider, whom I trust as a source.  But again, her memo to the TNA staff should not be considered an official statement by the company.  I see that some sites have reported it as such but they are incorrect.  Carter's statement was an internal memo to the staff that appears to have leaked.

As for the Billy Corgan rumor, I'm sure there's some truth to it but it's difficult to deduce simply because we don't know what Corgan's offer is and for what.  Even those in the know don't seem to know this very important detail.  Some sites have even reported that it's a done deal but couldn't back it up with facts because the reality is nobody knows what Corgan's proposal to TNA consists of.  Is Billy Corgan negotiating a sale of the company or a majority stake?  Unless he has an investor with deep pockets he can count on, I don't see how this is the case.

Folks, you can choose to believe what you'd like but I live by this saying, "if it doesn't make sense, it's most likely not true".  Much of what I've heard via the rumors doesn't sit well with me.  I feel like there's been a lot of unenlightened writers who may have heard something, from a reliable source or not, and added their own twist to drive up traffic to their sites.  And as a result, we have an internet wrestling community inundated with so much nonsense.

- The other topic that I wanted to discuss is the TNA/OVW partnership.  Again, we've heard the rumors that the partnership is officially over.  I have a feeling much of that was created from TNA's announcement that talent will be trained at Universal Studios going forward.  This is not to say, however, that the rumors aren't correct.  We all knew this was a possibility when Bruce Prichard left the company earlier this year but I imagine TNA were forced to wait until their contract with OVW expired, which I believe happened this week.  With all that said, I decided to contact someone within OVW today and asked him if it was true: has the TNA/OVW partnership ended?  His response, "Just rumors."

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