19 November 2013

PREVIEW: Magnus vs Samoa Joe

Here we have a totally unpredictable Turning Point match-up of 2 of TNA's biggest stars.  Magnus has been getting a gigantic push in recent months, while Joe has seen a nice resurgence in the strength of his character.  These two have a past history with each other and could well again rekindle a feud.  This unpredictable nature is also one of the things that makes our TNAMecca Pick 'Em League so much fun!  You think you know who will win, but in pro-wrestling anything can happen.  Joe has started to show that he may be in the "Friends of AJ" category while Magnus is slowly backing #TeamDixie as time goes on.  These are both informal groups at the moment but still serve as a divisive factor when it comes to choosing sides and affiliations.  Does Magnus' push continue or are we going to be reminded of why the "Joe's Gonna Kill You!" chants are so strong at times?  Both men have shown what limits they are willing to go to in order to become TNA World Champion.  This match may get downright dirty and nasty before it's all said and done.   

Nick Mann
"Magnus and Joe have tremendous chemistry together in the ring. Styles make fights in MMA and it is true for pro wrestling matches. My pick is Magnus, due to some underhandedness, furthering the heel turn story." 

Big Dawg
"This is a difficult choice for me.  In the end I think Magnus' push continues as he aligns with Dixie more and more as her pick for new Team Dixie World Champion.  Magnus wins with under-handed tactics."

"When the tournament was announced, I immediately thought that Magnus would be perfect as Dixie Carter's champion.  My heart is telling me to pick Samoa Joe but I want the three points so I'm going with Magnus to defeat his former tag team partner."

"I have a gut feeling that this tournaments end game is Magnus becoming Dixie's World Champion, so if I'm backing him to win the whole thing, I have to say Magnus gets the win against his former partner."

The aftermath of this should be very telling as to where each man's direction within TNA goes.  Joe could be vaulted to the top or instead return to the upper-midcard again like he has been for a long, long time.  Magnus either goes on to fight for the World Title or goes back to mediocrity.  So much is on the line for the respective status of each wrestler here.  There may be a third party involved also to interrupt things and taint the fairness of the bout but we shall see.  How much will the upcoming UK Tour play into who might win in this fight?  These former Main Event Mafia members respect each other and hate each other at the same time so anything is possible for future storylines for them.

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