20 November 2013

PREVIEW: James Storm vs Bobby Roode

When the World Title Tournament was announced, all four quarter-final matches looked to be great bouts, however, it was one match we were all drawn to when looking at the brackets, one match we knew that was different from the rest, it wasn't just a match to advance in a quest for gold, it was the re-igniting of one of the most intense and dramatic feuds in TNA history. James Storm & Bobby Roode were best friends, Tag Team Champions of the World, and together the greatest team in TNA history, but it was the World Title that tore them apart, and now two years later, it's the World Title that brings them back together, but at opposing sides of the ring. The two old rivals will square off in a Bullrope match, a bout that will literally tie these former partners together and see them fight until one is left standing. This match will see both men's desire to become World Champion again and determination to be better than the other push themselves to their limits in order to win, which should make for a great match this Thursday.

"Since their split in 2011, James Storm and Bobby Roode have taken much different paths to get to this point and unfortunately for the Cowboy, his downward trend will continue as Roode defeats him and moves on to the semi-finals."

Big Dawg
"Bobby Roode is in the top 3 wrestlers in the world today.  The It Factor looks so far superior to Storm lately, it's not even funny.  I will eat my hat if Storm wins.  Chalk one up for EGO here."

Nick Mann
"These two have a rivalry that is rarely seen in wrestling these days in that I think they'll always be foil for one and other. Storm seems lost in the shuffle lately and Roode has a ton of momentum; so I see Roode getting the win here.

"Storm's involvement in the tournament surprised me, and that tied in with the teased final of Kurt Angle vs Booby Roode, I say Roode gets the win over his long time rival."

A win for the Cowboy would be very interesting. After falling out of the title picture several months ago, Storm would be very close to regaining the title once again. A loss for Storm wouldn't be surprising, and I'd expect him to return to teaming with Gunner and trying to regain the tag team titles. For Roode the win is everything. We already know Roode is obsessed with being World Champion, and he's also desperate to beat Kurt Angle in the final to become Champion. If Roode were to lose, it would be devastating. Not only would he be out of title contention, but his dream to beat Angle in the tournament would be shattered, which could send Roode out of control. It will be very interesting to see where these two go after this match, and I'm sure the outcome of this match will give us a clearer picture of what's to come.

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