21 November 2013

PREVIEW: Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson

After their match at No Surrender, most thought Mr. Anderson was done with TNA. However, after Bound for Glory the "A-Hole" returned more motivated than ever. Mr. Anderson is on fire right now, and has been given a TON of momentum going into this match; unlike how some other companies book babyfaces; Anderson looks like he could take on the world and have a real shot at winning. This has a heavy stipulation added as well, with the future of the Aces and Eights and Anderson's career on the line, which when one REALLY thinks about it, makes this match seem like it could go either way. This feud has also given Bully Ray a nice program following his title loss to AJ Styles, keeping him relevant, which is good considering he is out of the World title picture for now. 

These two seem to go together like alcohol and fire arms!  Expect a knock down, drag out brawl that spills all over the new Impact Zone.  No DQ means they can tear it up like they did in September and it wouldn't be surprising to see some Aces and Eights members (whoever is left) enter the fray. If you want some stiff, hardcore wrestling with some old school heat behind it, look no further than Bully vs. Anderson at Turning Point.

Nick Mann
"Everyone who has read my columns, etc. knows I'm a fan of the Aces and Eights, but I agree with most  TNA fans when they say it's time it comes to end. My Monopoly money is on Anderson."

"The only scenario in which I see Mr Anderson losing is if TNA re-signed him to a short term extension in order to conclude this feud.  And that's still quite a long shot.  Mr Anderson will defeat Bully Ray and finally put an end to the Aces and 8s."

Big Dawg
"I wanted the World Title off of Bully because it was good business to do so.  That doesn't mean I want The Prez to lose every match and his club.  I want to see a SICK piledriver through the stage on someone in this match.  Who will get the PILEDRIVAH?  Do You KNOW WHO I AM?  I'm a Bully Ray fan.  Bully wins."

"I think its time the Aces & 8's ended. The group has gone way past the point of no return and the kindest thing to do is end it now. I say Anderson gets the win and some retribution to end the club he once was a part of."

Like I mentioned above, the stipulation is HEAVY and could affect more than just the careers of Anderson and Bully. What would happen to Knux and Garrett Bischoff if Bully loses? Bisch appears to have been written off for now; will the same fate befall Knux? While the smart money may be on Anderson, one has to wonder: could his be a way to send Anderson home for a while, being that his wife is pregnant (at least according to his promo on Impact), he may be taking some time off. Bully could benefit from losing the Aces and Eights and this match may tie up that last loose end.

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