22 November 2013

Pick 'em League: Post Turning Point Standings

Last night 3 top matches took place in the TNAMecca Pick 'em League at Turning Point, 9 points were up for grabs as we head into the second month of Season 1. When the polls closed yesterday, there were clear favourites for all three matches. As a matter of fact, only 5 people didn't pick the favourite for all three matches, and while they may have thought the picks would be 3 points over the rest of the league, it turned out to be 3 lost points compared to the rest of the league. Lets take a look at the picks going into last night.

As you can see, the majority came out of Turning Point with 9 points, however some did not, let's look at how it affects the table.

So JGord492 & Chad of LOE are still tied for first place. The group in second has reduced in numbers after BigDawg, Joe Tisone & Zolopirate all dropped 3 points. Its becoming clearer and clearer that those obscure winners at Bound For Glory are paying off for those at the top, as it's been difficult for anyone to really contend with the top two. We know the next confirmed event for the league will be Genesis on January 16th in Huntsville, AL, which looks like it will be the next Live Impact. Fromy my observations, the more matches announced for the show the better, the undercard matches have proven to be the difference makers in the league, and if we get a big card for Genesis, be prepared to see those groups in joint positions become smaller and smaller. Thanks to those who picked and we shall see you all at Genesis.

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