08 November 2013

Pick 'em League: Post Hardy vs Sabin Standings

Last night was the kick-off of the TNA World Title Tournament, the first quarter-final match saw Chris Sabin face Jeff Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem. 33 members of the league made their picks for the bout, with 66% of the league backing Jeff Hardy to win the match and advance into the semi-finals. As we now know, Hardy was victorious, which has benefited many in the league, lets take a look at the run-down of who picked who and the leaderboard after this match.

As you can see, many were successful with their Hardy vs Sabin prediction, but its still very close in this early stage in the season. However 4 have become 2 when it comes to 1st place, JGor492 and LOE Wrestling both picked Hardy to win the match and scored another three points to stay in joint first, while Bodacioushorror and Joe Tisone both selected Chris Sabin and subsequently dropped points and slipped into joint second place, along with 13 others. 

It's still very close in the league, but in two weeks the groups could become smaller and gaps between places could form as the League goes through TNA Turning Point. Already announced for the show are Mr Anderson vs Bully Ray in a No D'Q Match, as well as the last two Quarter-Final matches in the World Title Tournament that will see James Storm face Bobby Roode and Magnus take on Samoa Joe. Already there will be 9 points on the line, and there could be more matches announced for the show. We'll make a full announcement concerning the picks after next week's Impact.  

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