16 November 2013

News & Notes from the World of TNA - Nov 16, 2013

TNA announced today a new "News & Notes" feature that they expect to run every Saturday on Here are some extracts we think are worth mentioning as well as some other pieces and opinions on these notes.

  • AJ Styles successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title at the Wrestle-1 event in Japan by submitting Seiya Sanada with the Calfkiller. #IMPACT365 footage will be sent in and posted later today.
  • Some Familiar Faces are expected back soon.
  • TNA will launch a new "Ask the Professor" feature with Mike Tenay in the near future.
  • January will be a busy month for TNA, they will post a press release soon with dates and locations for all January events.
  • More matches for the #OldSchool and Hardcore Justice One Night Only PPV's will be announced in the coming days.
  • TNA Production staff arrived in Orlando today to begin transforming Soundstage 19 for this Thursday's Turning Point special.  

There has already posted some footage of AJ Styles in Japan on the TNA Youtube page. The descriptions of the videos note that Jay Bradley, who is also in Japan along with Styles and Rob Terry, has been sending the footage in. Bradley also posted the following tweet that added to this connection between himself and Styles while they are overseas:

While it could be a tease, it's interesting that Bradley has been open about hanging out with Styles, even cornering Styles during his match & filming stuff for Styles and getting it onto the TNA Youtube page. It will be interesting to see if TNA follow this up when Bradley & Terry get back from the tour in early December.

I'm intrigued by the familiar faces tease. Exactly who could they be talking about, I'm not sure but it will be interesting to see who pop's up on Impact Wrestling. Make sure you share who you think could be returning in the comments section.

With the January events press release coming soon, I'm keeping my eye out for the location of Genesis as I expect now that we are getting closer to the event the chance of it being on the road is slimming. However I could be wrong as TNA announced last week 2 One Night Only PPV's that will take place in December.

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