04 November 2013

UPDATE: Janice Carter to Staff, "TNA Not for Sale!"

PW Insider reported on Friday that Janice Carter sent a memo to the TNA employees informing them the rumors that they are looking to sell TNA are false.  She also reassured them that she is committed to the company.  Obviously, Janice felt it was necessary to communicate this message to the staff for morale purposes and I'm glad that she did.  At the very least, it will reassure those fans who were genuinely concerned about this matter.  Hopefully, it will put these ridiculous rumors to rest.

UPDATE (11/4 6:13 PM EST): Newsday has posted an except from the memo that Janice Carter sent to TNA staff on Friday.  According to Josh Stewart of Newsday, a TNA spokesperson provided the excerpt of the internal memo, which you can find below.  (Kudos to Wrestling News World for the heads up.)
“An unfortunate aspect of this business is that there are wrestling ‘reporters’ who consistently post ‘news stories’ without proper facts. I want to assure you these are just rumors and that I am committed to TNA and its future...”

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