03 November 2013

Billy Corgan Interested In Buying TNA?

After speculation as to who may be interested in purchasing a minority or majority share of TNA, former ECW Original Lou (Sign Guy Dudley) D'Angelo tweeted about his close friend Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan being interested:

While Janice Carter said in a memo to staff that TNA was not for sale, it's obvious these rumours have peeked interest for several people, most notably Corgan. Carter may have said TNA is not for sale, but if someone comes with an offer to buy a minority or majority share, I'm sure the Carters like any business people are willing to listen. Corgan owns independent promotion Resistance Pro, and is a life long fan of Pro Wrestling. This is certainly an interesting development, as Corgan has both money and wrestling knowledge.  We'll bring you updates on the story when they become available.

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