18 November 2013

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume II

Welcome to Volume II of the Behind the Curtain Q&A. In this edition I answer questions concerning the TV Championship, The Relaunch of the X Division, Jeff Jarrett's return to power and much more. Without further ado, lets get to the questions.

Lewis Harris Asks: Do you think there is room for the TNA Television Championship right now with so much going on, and how would you like to see it used considering it has been pretty much AWOL since June?

I think there is. I said a while back that I'd like to see Dixie Carter give the belt to EC3 and give him a run with it, however it looks like Carter may be going in another direction and start a feud with Sting. With the X Division title looking like its become the upper mid-card championship, I think TNA could use it as a Mid-Card belt. I think by using it as a platform for younger stars to compete for, it would serve a purpose and also establish future talents in a set division.

Kyle Williamson Asks: If you had control of the 24/7 concept what would you do with it?

Wow, there's a lot that could be done with it, and my answer would be pretty long, however I recently wrote a column about the 24/7 initiative and discussed several things I think can/hope will come out of it, take a look at it here and that should give you a good answer.

Pipe Bomb Asks: Do you think there will be a new design for the world title since AJ has left with the companies old title?

At first I thought there would be, however seeing as the current World Title design is all over the tournament graphics, I doubt it. I guess it makes sense for Dixie to keep the current look from a character aspect to further dismiss AJ and his World Title belt.

Brett Asks: Do you think Jeff Jarrett will regain some control of TNA?

It sounds like Jarrett is already getting power back. He is apparently working as an agent for the top matches in TNA, as well as the man who is dealing with several international promotions to get AJ Styles booked on their shows. Not only that, he and “Big” John Gaburick are controlling the creative direction of the company, so it's safe to say Jarrett is back in power.

Themosayat Asks: 5 dream opponents/possible choices for AJ Styles to face? (the more realistic ones from companies that have partnerships with TNA)

Good question. I'd go with Carlito, Jack Evans, La Parka, Okada & The Great Muta. I think the first four names could have great matches with Styles, and I'd be interested in watching all of them. The potential story they could do with Okada and his time in TNA would be really fun, TNA's use of Okada could be something AJ could class as another Dixie mistake, and TNA Champion vs IWGP Champion would be big. I'm not sure Muta would be able to have a great match these days, but I'm sure he's still a good hand in the ring, and to have Styles defeat Muta in Japan would be huge for both AJ & TNA, and could be great exposure for the company in Japan.

Pipe Bomb Asks: Should AJ Styles get a new theme after he returns?

No, honestly I think it's a great theme and fits perfectly with his character and the current storyline. The lines “Strike them down, and make them pay, change their ways, their evil ways” are a great description of what AJ is doing and also can be directly aimed at the heel Dixie character.

Brett Asks: Do you think TNA will get financially better from going back to Orlando?

I'm pretty sure they will. It was around $600,000 per road taping, meaning TNA were paying out $1.2 million a month just to tape TV. The price to tape at Universal is reduced quite a bit, it also eliminates the cost to get production equipment to the arena with them now being able to permanently keep it at Universal Studios. I'm sure after a while TNA will recover some of the money they lost on the road tapings and get back to where they were before financially. 

Zolopirate Asks: What's going on with Wes Brisco?

Right now he's just off TV. I'm not sure what they have planned for him, but with them setting up their training facility in Orlando he may report their to work on his skills.

JRobb22 Asks: Why do you think TNA Creative is having such a difficult time with relaunching the X-Division to a meaningful division following Bound for Glory?

I don't think they are having a difficult time, but rather they are yet to properly launch it post-BFG. With the World Title tournament going on, 4 of the 5 guys in the BFG Ultimate X match were involved, so I think TNA may be waiting until the tournament is over until going full fledged into the Upper-card X Division we had before Bound For Glory. I'm sure the plan is still for the division to become meaningful with the inclusion of several top guys, but until the World Title tournament gets down to the final, we wont see that take shape.

Pipe Bomb Asks: Should AJ continue to wrestle the strong style or the athletic style? or a mixture of both?

I think he should wrestle a mix. When he changed up his style during the summer, it was a real statement about how much range he has, by mixing the two now I think it would show just how good Styles is, and re-enforce his “Phenomenal One” moniker.

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