22 November 2013

UPDATE: PCW Agrees to AJ Styles vs Lionheart on Dec 6!

AJ Styles and Lionheart had the following exchange on Twitter last week.  For those who aren't familiar with Lionheart (real name: Adrian McCallum), he's a popular Scottish wrestler who has lobbied for quite some to come to TNA.  He was also a participant in the Gutcheck online challenge from earlier this year.

UPDATE (11/19 11:15 AM EST): PWInsider reported that the Champion vs Champion match between AJ Styles and Lionheart could take place on December 6th, based on a fan's email who attended a recent Preston City Wrestling show.  According to the fan, Lionheart claimed during the show that he could be facing a "phenomenal" wrestler on December 6th.

UPDATE (11/22 7:29 PM EST): Preston City Wrestling posted the following tweet on their official Twitter account this afternoon:

It's interesting that PCW are playing up the Dixie Carter legal threat, which has added another wrinkle to AJ Styles' plan to defend the title around the world.  Although it might be true that legally Dixie Carter's threats hold no or little weight internationally, it stands to reason that the owners of AAA, Wrestle-1, PCW, and other promotions wouldn't want to burn bridges with the #2 wrestling company in the US.  This storyline just gets better and better.

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