25 November 2013

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Let's talk about a few things.  My mind is kind of all over the place with all the current happenings in TNA so narrowing it down to one subject seems like a tough task.  Four topics are rolling around in my brain right now and I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on these subjects.  We may not agree on everything, but like I have said before, if we all agreed on everything all of the time, things would get very boring.  I feel like I need to be honest about a couple things and reinforce portions of our mission statement here at TNAMecca.  So here ya go.......

A's & Eights Ending - Look, I want to be objective when it comes to A's & 8's.  It's no secret that I defended the faction until its death.  Did I want Bully to win at Turning Point? Yes I did, and picking with my heart instead of my brain cost me points in the Pick 'Em League.  I could see an alternative way to go about shifting things back to an acceptable place with the group, but it just wasn't meant to be so.  I will not expound on that alternative plan but instead I will simply point out some highlights of Aces and Eights that some people seem to want to gloss over.  Think back to Lockdown in March.  The 10,000 fans in attendance at the Alamo Dome were passionate about what happened that night.  The subsequent Chicago crowd on IMPACT was also very big (8,000) and passionate.  The Aces and Eights were the central storyline at that time.  The Brooke/Bully wedding drew interest from casual fans and was a compelling event.  The backstage club meetings and promos were interesting and got a good reaction most times.  However, Bully outshined the entire faction.  In the end, Aces were more interesting with their masks on and that's when the group had people talking the most.  They are part of TNA's history and ripping on them as being "so horrible" really isn't fair.     

It is fair to say that the group out-welcomed its stay by a couple months.  When I attended the Vegas tapings in June, the A's & 8's were still very over and doing what they were supposed to do.  Then came the MEM and everything got faction-heavy and went in an off-putting direction.  Of course not everything about the Aces was appealing to everyone, but there was a good amount of fans that enjoyed it.  Even as crazy as that might all sound, just keep in mind that I'm on one side of the fence on this and others might be on the totally opposite side.  Are there no people in the middle?  I find that hard to believe, but keep in mind that there are so many people don't voice their opinion on the internet.  That fact alone make it difficult to get a true gauge for what people thought of the group.  I think the group was popular in demographics that don't use the net as much (50 y/o plus).  You regularly would see A's & 8's merch in the road crowds too so it's not like nobody liked them.  They deserved the send-off  last Thursday that they received, as you can't just abandon it with no explanation.  There, I've said my piece and I won't write about it again. 

TNAMecca Staying Ratings & Spoiler Free - Now I'm going to point something out that you probably have noticed.  We sent out a tweet about this recently but I wanted to touch on it a bit more in this column.  We don't want there to be spoilers on TNAMecca.  We won't post about them and we don't want to hear about them in the comments section.  It's fair to say that we are one of the only (if not THE ONLY) sites doing this with IMPACT Wrestling coverage.  There is a segment of people that appreciate it and we will continue to keep this commitment of being spoiler-free.  If we see spoiler information in the comment section we will be forced to delete it.  A couple of minor mistakes on our part have contained spoiler information in the past but that will not happen again.  Thus, our discussions going forward will relate to the current episodes of IMPACT and not the tapings that have already happened.

On a similar note, we will not be discussing ratings here.  If you notice we have never made a post about TV ratings.  That is intentional as we do not care to have them be a part of TNAMecca either.  I do not miss those discussions and it is agreed that it reduces the amount of contention and arguing in the comments sections.  As you can also see, the troublemakers that plagued our comments section have not been around lately either.  We hope to keep the comments section revolving around good discussion and debate.  Personal attacks and unrelated posts with unrelated agendas will not last here.  We definitely aren't trying to put handcuffs on anyone but there are parameters that have to be in place, otherwise chaos would ensue.  We are a laid back site with great readers and commenters.  That will remain a central part of this site and we thank you so much for your support. 

Joseph Park/Abyss - Even a huge Chris Parks fan like myself was disappointed with the storyline progression (or lack thereof) from Turning Point.  The promotion of the "Confrontation of the Brothers" seemed to have legs but then nothing of consequence really happened.  After reflecting on what the purpose of the Carrie-like bucket of blood was and what the writers were trying to get across, I am still perplexed.  It didn't give us anything that we didn't know.  I am concerned that the audience is beginning to not care anymore, which would be a shame given the amount of time that TNA has dedicated to this storyline in the last year and a half.  There is still time to save it and get things moving but the snails pace of it seems fairly unnatural. 

I implore TNA to not screw this up.  Chris Parks does not need or deserve a disappointing direction with his character/s.  Should they kill off Joseph Park completely? No.  Does Abyss need to come back full-time?  That would be fine.  The really interesting aspect of this may be eventually giving us the REAL Chris Parks explaining and telling us what's going on in his head.  The psychology behind such a promo is very intriguing to me.  No Abyss.  No Joseph Park.  Just Chris explaining that he has split personality syndrome or a derivative of that mental disorder.  The realness and non-kayfabe vibe may just be a hit and strike a cord with the audience.  At this point they may need to think outside the box like that to make this pay-off.  I am really not in favor of someone else playing Abyss as it would be very difficult to pull off more than once or twice.  I will also continue to beat the drum for Father James Mitchell and Judas Mesias to play a part in this before it's said and done.  At some point when we know more in this regard, I will be writing a new "Into the Abyss" column. 

Samuel Shaw - Wow, who the hell knew that Sam Shaw had this in him?  He has already done more to make an indelible impression upon the TNA audience with one Samuel Shaw vignette on Turning Point and a Twitter avatar update than he had in all the other numerous times we'd seen him on IMPACT, ONO PPV's & OVW combined.  His new character has changed everyone's impression of him instantly.  Funny how character development and good unique ideas can do that.  Who knows where they will go with this American Psycho-type persona but I have not been this optimistic about a new character in years.  I think this gimmick suits him and will prove to be very entertaining in time.  Again, these adult-themed wrestling personas work with TNA's demographic very well.  This is not a kids show, so why not do something that pushes the envelope at times.

Another exciting part of Sam Shaw being repackaged with a successful main-roster reintroduction to the TNA fans is the possibility of more of the same with other wrestlers.  TNA has hinted at us seeing the return of familiar faces  and new characters and I am very impressed so far.  Lei'D Tapa, EC3 and now Samuel Shaw have all made the future brighter for IMPACT Wrestling.  Who will be next? Crimson? Kenny King? Zema Ion? Rob Terry? Jay Bradley? Time will tell but I can see all of them being on the active roster sometime in 2014.  A week ago I would have said Sam Shaw too and people would have scoffed at that.  Now we are all salivating at what Samuel Shaw may turn into.  Who's to say that all of those wrestlers I just listed could not do the same? 

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