29 October 2013

What is the Significance of 110913?

Last week's Impact ended with AJ Styles taking the TNA world title and driving off in a brand new car that Dixie Carter "gave" him as a bonus.  But it was another little detail that the caught the attention of TNA fans...the number 110913 on the makeshift license plate.  Our readers discussed it briefly on TNAMecca last week but I think we should delve into it deeper.  What could this number mean?  Could it stand for November 9, 2013?  If so, what will happen on that date?  After the show, David Lagana teased that there's some significance to 110913 so we're definitely not reading too much into this.  I'm curious to know what you think so be sure to share with us what you believe the significance of 110913 is in the comments section below.  I'd like to thank TNA fan @thehachland for providing the photo used in this post.

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