15 October 2013


As you can all see, we've made some changes to the site, most obvious one being our header.  We felt it was a good time to make this change to correlate with the new creative direction by TNA that presumably will begin at Bound for Glory.  When making these changes, we took into account the sort of site that we want to be - one that's fun and playful, and one that exemplifies the attitude we have towards TNA and pro wrestling in general.  

We want to thank everyone who's supported us for the last two months, since our launch, and let you know that we appreciate it more than you know.  We're excited about our future because we have some fun things planned - the Pick 'em League will begin on Sunday, the CanAm Wrestling Show has been hugely successful, and we will continue to bring you our opinions on TNA through our columns and POV commentary pieces.

In final, please take a moment to give us your feedback in the comments section below on the new look or anything else about our site that you'd like to discuss.  Again, we thank you guys for making TNAMecca the site for passionate and knowledgeable TNA fans.  I would use Andre Corbeil's favorite saying here but I don't want it to go to his head.

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