17 October 2013

TNA Thursday Randomania - Oct 17, 2013

- If you haven't been following the daily rumors regarding Hulk Hogan's status, here is the latest: Hogan has reportedly received offers from both TNA and WWE.  It appears that WWE's offer was lower than TNA's.  Although one source reported that he was staying with TNA, other sources that I find much more trustworthy have reported that Hogan hasn't officially signed with either company.  In addition, TNA, which had included Hogan in advertisements for Bound for Glory, has evidently removed him.  I'm not sure what this means but it could simply be a swerve by the company.  I've gone on record as to say that I'd prefer to see Hogan return to WWE, where he ultimately belongs.  TNA has never been or will be a good fit for him so I think it'd be a poor decision to re-sign him.

- There are six matches advertised for Bound for Glory.  Even if a couple of those matches are a lengthy 20-plus minutes, there's still time for one or two more matches.  I'm looking at the remaining talent on the roster without a match and there aren't many options for TNA.  They could still add a #1 contenders X Division match between Kenny King and a returning Zema Ion or another X Division wrestler such as Petey Williams or Sonjay Dutt, which would be fine by me.  Another possibility remains the debut of Ethan Carter III in what would essentially be a squash in order to introduce him to the TNA fans.  Someone like Sam Shaw could fit this role well.  But again, this is all speculation because TNA haven't given us any sign that this is the direction they're going in.  Hopefully, we'll know more after tonight's Impact.

- Here's something to think about (and I might go into it deeper at another time): when you watch Impact, do you ever ask yourself, why exactly does TNA have such an elaborate set?  Do they really need it?  Is the enormous Titantron necessary?  Similarly, are the ramp and walkway needed?  Do they have to tape in mid-sized arenas that hold 8,000+ seats?  I think these are all valid questions.  Every week, the action takes place inside the ring and rarely extends to the long ramp, rendering it pointless.  The more I think about it, the more I feel it'd be a good idea for TNA to begin to seek out intimate venues such as the Hammerstein Ballroom.  I imagine there's a "Hammerstein Ballroom" in every state in this country.  If TNA decide to stay on the road in 2014, I think it would behoove them to seek out those venues and start the process of downsizing their production.  I think it's excessive.

- I've been watching the Eric Young and Joseph Park road trip series and I must say, it's been absolutely hilarious.  If you haven't watched the videos, I highly recommend them.  There's a particular segment, I believe in their second installment, in which Joseph and Eric make fun of the AJ Styles/Dixie Carter relationship, using their figurines.  I literally couldn't stop laughing.

- And finally, I have to speak out on those who have been so, unfairly in my opinion, critical of the build for Bound for Glory.  Those same people fail to realize that BFG, this year, is not the culmination of feuds but rather the starting off point of the new creative direction.  I feel that the writers have done enough to put the right pieces in place in order to pull off the new storylines, many of which will begin at BFG.  I, for one, am very excited about this Sunday's PPV and will be ordering it simply because I know it will be a can't-miss show, not because of the build but because what happens at BFG will be amazing.  If you're a TNA fan and you don't order BFG because of the build, then you're a douchebag.  And if you opt to watch it illegally online, then you're an asshole.

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