10 October 2013

TNA Thursday Randomania - Oct 10, 2013

- Last week, we all wondered if it was truly the end of the Hulk Hogan era in TNA.  As far as we know, his contract expired on October 1st and he quit on Impact on October 3rd.  Now, come negotiations.  Or do they?  It appears that Hogan has been doing interviews, this week, promoting Impact in Tulsa, OK so the two sides have had to come to some sort of an agreement.  I can't imagine Hogan is doing this out of the kindness of his heart.  In any case, I've already gone on record as to say that I believe that TNA and Hogan should part ways so any new deal would be a hard pill to swallow for this fan.

- Much has been said this week about Kenny King's exclusion from the Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory because many fans saw TNA's decision to not book him in the X Division title match as cold-hearted.  And I agree.  From a competition standpoint, I guess I can understand why he doesn't deserve to compete for the X Division title - he was pinned two weeks in a row - but the writers have often overlooked such details in the past for storyline purposes.  In this storyline, King deserves to be one of five men in Ultimate X on October 20th simply because he has a beef with at least three of his four potential opponents.  I'm hoping that this is indeed storyline dictated and Kenny King is seen roaming the halls this week complaining to management that he's not in the match.

- I wonder, is the excitement for Ethan an indication that fans approve of Michael Hutter joining the Impact Wrestling roster or is it a result of them starving for some fresh faces?  I have a feeling it's a mix of both.  It is for me anyway.  I've been saying for months that TNA needs to consistently replenish the roster in order to keep everyone fresh so I'm very pleased to see some new blood coming in.  With that said, I've checked out a lot of Michael Hutter's work recently and I must say, I have a very good feeling about him.  He possesses the personality and the mic skills to make an immediate impact, and his wrestling skills are good.  I'm genuinely excited to watch his debut.

- Does anyone else think that Kurt Angle will appear tonight unexpectedly to ruin EGO's Hall of Fame celebration for Bobby Roode? 

- Let's assume TNA books Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle at BFG this week, making it the fifth match to be announced for the PPV.  That leaves time for at least two or three matches.  I'm looking at the Impact Wrestling roster right now and I must say, I'm not completely sure how TNA plans to fill up the rest of the card.  The following wrestlers are not booked for BFG (as of this moment): Abyss, Brooke, Gail Kim, Garett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Kenny King, Knux, Lei'D Tapa, ODB, Rob Terry, Rockstar Spud, Sam Shaw, Samoa Joe, Velvet Sky, and Zema Ion.  ODB will most likely defend her title, but against whom?  Other than that, we're down to random wrestlers with no feuds or any recent TV time.  Might we see Ethan debut at BFG?  That's a possibility I suppose.  But overall, the undercard of BFG resembles that of this year's Lockdown - random matches with no build.  TNA has a lot of ground to cover the next two weeks to make the first hour of BFG passable.

- And finally, where has Jay Bradley been?  Is there nothing that the writers can find for him to do?  The guy is in the prime of his career.  He's ready.  Yes, he's in OVW right now but everything he's doing in Louisville, he can do on Impact and he wouldn't look out of place.  Give him a chance, TNA.

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