18 October 2013

UPDATE: TNA Possibly Returning to The Impact Zone?

PWInsider is reporting that TNA are currently in discussions with Universal Studios to return to the Impact Zone in November to tape several episodes of Impact. This comes after yesterday's news that the November 5th taping in Chattanooga, TN has been cancelled, a taping that was only announced last week and was supposed to go on sale today. It's been speculated that TNA have been looking for a permanent home for Impact, I myself wrote a column this week looking at possible locations, unfortunately the Impact Zone was not on my list.

This may very well be a one-off where TNA go back and do a few shows over the course of a week or so, use it as a way to take some pressure off and get focused, then head back on the road. If TNA return to the Impact Zone permanently, I will be very disappointed. Yes it may make sense financially to go back to the Impact Zone, but their are several other options that should be looked into and ever tried. I don't mind if this one-off return to the Impact Zone happens, but that's all it can be, a one-off. If it's not, it'll be a sad day to see TNA go off the road after just 7/8 months and return to the much criticized Impact Zone.

UPDATE (2:16 PM EST): PWInsider is now reporting that TNA will indeed tape episodes of Impact at the Impact Zone in mid to late November and that the company is making final arrangements before going public with an official announcement.

UPDATE (5:34 PM EST): TNA has removed the November 21st tapings in Baltimore, MD from their list of events on the Impact Wrestling site.  This comes after tickets for the show were taken off sale a few days ago, and pretty much confirms the taping is cancelled/postponed and that a deal with Universal Studios has been finalised. After the original report stated they were looking to tape between 4 to 6 weeks of TV in the Impact Zone, they now have a 6-week block of TV that no longer has announced locations. Expect an official announcement soon. 

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