27 October 2013

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume I

Welcome all to the new and improved Behind The Curtain. Firstly I'd like to thank those of you that submitted questions several weeks ago. I have to apologise for the lateness of the column, but going into BFG season it's been very hectic and left little to no time to write my answers. If you have any questions you would like to submit for the next edition, please post it in the comments section below. So without further delay, lets get into it.

BrooksideRaider Asks: "Who do you think would be the ideal writer to carry TNA, hopefully, to the next level?" 
Good question. When you look at the landscape when it comes to writers, its hard to tell who has that vision to take a company to the next level. TNA already has a great writer in Dave Lagana, and Matt Conway has been apart of the TNA team for years, learning from the likes of Russo, Jarrett, Bischoff & Prichard. If I were to add someone who I thought could be that game changer, I'd say Gabe Sapolsky.

Gabe has never been given a shot at the national level. I'm sure he has tons of idea's that are new and fresh that could work at both improving TNA and making them more unique creatively. Gabe likes to use the internet as a tool to "blur the lines" having guys build or hype unique feuds on multiple social platforms, which if done right could be great for TNA. While there is no guarantee with any writer, I'm sure Paul Heyman's former protege would be a strong addition to TNA's creative team. (NOTE: This answer was written before Thursdays "24/7" strategy) 

PainKyller Asks: "I'm a huge TNA fan and have long waited for a second video game? what is the hold up? Dixie briefly talks about it but nothing ever comes into fruition."
I think the hold up is the right partner. TNA will probably want a developer that can capture the detail of their stars but also re-create the in-ring action, and for some reason TNA are yet to find that perfect partner. There were rumours that TNA were in talks with Activision back in February, but nothing publicly came of it. I'd love for a second TNA Video Game, unfortunately all we can do is tweet Dixie Carter & Impact Wrestling asking for a second game and hope for an announcement.

Alfred Brickrock Asks: "What is the more pressing need in TNA at the moment? The acquisition of new talent or a new creative voice in TNA?"
This is certainly the time to ask this question. TNA has had a major shake-up this year, from both a roster and creative standpoint. A lot of talent has departed, and the company's head of creative, along with his vision and plans have gone out the front door.

I think the bigger need right now is new talent. The creative team minus Prichard have been given the ball and seem to be running with it. Thursday we found out some specific details of where their new direction will be going, with the announcement of the "Where Action Never Ends" direction, i'm very optimistic of where this team is going to take the product, so I'd say the bigger need is new talent. TNA needs to fill quite a few of the gaps left by outgoing stars. A lot of talent was let go over the summer, and while the roster did need trimming, it also needs re-stacking with new talent. I think they've made a good start with EC3 & Lei'd Tapa, but more signings need to be made, which according to the 24/7 press release, we will be getting new talent in the coming months.

Themosayat Asks: "How long until the 500th IMPACT? and why the hell is TNA not promoting it more?!"
It depends on what TNA are counting. I've heard they don't count the FSN Impact's or the web Impacts, only the Impacts on Spike. If its the Impacts on Spike, I don't think Impact 500 is until early 2014, possibly February. If they counted every Impact they've ever made, Impact 500 would be on November 7th in Cincinnati, OH, and seeing as they haven't mentioned it yet, I doubt it will be classed as Impact 500.

BrooksideRaider Asks: "Which indy talents (not ROH or any established promotion) should be signed to bring the x-division, tag & KO divisions back to where they should be?" 
For the tag division, I'd say Generation Me. They have been rumoured to return to TNA this year and I think they would be a great addition to the Tag division. TNA seem to be getting the tag division back together, so right now I think they only need GenMe to be those fresh faces to go along with Bro-Mans, Saints & Sinner's, Bad Influence and Park & Young. 

The X Division recently got several top stars thrown into the mix, but I doubt their future in the division is for the long haul. My picks to add to the X Division would be Rubix, Greg Marasciulo, Rich Swann & Ricochet. I think along with Chris Sabin, Manik, Kenny King & Zema Ion, you could have great X Division that would deliver some great action.

The Knockouts NEED new talent and fast. My first choice would be Ivelisse Velez. I don't know why she didn't get a contract after her GutCheck try-out as she ticked a lot of boxes. I'd then say Shanna and Candice LaRae. Those are the first three that come to mind, I'm not a KO's expert so I'm sure there are others just as good out there too. I think adding those three would be a great start to replenishing the Knockouts roster.    

Thanks again to those who submitted questions, feel free to share your thought's on the questions in the comments below, as well as submit your own questions for the next edition. 

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