04 October 2013

Queen Tapa is Here!

Ok so it's no mystery that I have been eagerly anticipating the official TNA debut of Lei'D Tapa for a while now.  Even before the inception of TNAMecca, I had been interacting with her on Twitter and tracking her progress in OVW.  Hell, I have seen the potential in this woman, as many have, since the her 1st GutCheck appearance in TNA last February.  My point is not to pat myself on the back, rather to celebrate with you all in the arrival of Queen Tapa.

I have always had an appreciation for the scary and heelish women wrestlers in pro-wrestling history.  I remember watching Sensational Sherri as a kid, especially during her stint as Macho Man's valet, and being legit freaked out by her.  The same uncomfortable yet addictive vibe came from another woman from the WWF years in Luna Vachon.  Her voice was insanely bizarre and her appearance even more disturbing, yet I couldn't stop watching her.  Others you could throw into that scary/monster role over the years were Chyna, Awesome Kong, and Beth Phoenix.  All these women were intimidating and had an undeniable presence that was captivating.

Now I understand that Lei'D Tapa is currently too green to be included in the conversation of any of the other women I just mentioned.  However, I genuinely believe that she has the potential of being a GREAT women's wrestler and also be put into that list of names in the not-so-distant future.  You can see how improved she was upon her official debut last night, as she has really honed her character and improved her in-ring skills.  She is not afraid of being hated by the crowd and you can tell she kind of enjoys it.  Having this kind of KnockOut may be just what the doctor ordered for the division.  I, for one, will continue to advocate for Queen Tapa as she will eventually make her doubters bow down.  You can't teach someone to have a natural presence and that is what Lei'D Tapa has that makes her different and unique.

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