20 October 2013

PREVIEW: Ultimate X for X Division Championship

It all started so innocently - an X Division title match between Chris Sabin, Suicide, and Kenny King to determine which of three will have the opportunity to earn a world heavyweight title shot via Option C.  Surprisingly, Suicide used cheap tactics, which was unlike him, to win the X Division title but unbeknownst to us, Austin Aries almost pulled off one of the greatest heists in the company's history.  We all know how it ended.  Chris Sabin overcame a challenge by former TNA world champion Austin Aries and TJ Perkins - the man formerly under the Suicide mask, now known as Manik - to ultimately move on and win the company's top belt.  Suffice it to say, it was a whirlwind Summer for Sabin.  Fast forward a couple of months and the hard feelings seem to have lingered.  Chris Sabin is pissed off at Austin Aries.  He's resentful of Manik.  Aries and Manik have remained civil but not completely friendly.  And Jeff Hardy isn't quite sure what to make of the entire situation.  Combine all of this chaos and the result is an Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory to settle their differences.  Oh, and Samoa Joe decided last week that he wants a piece of the action.  So let me will be Manik vs Chris Sabin vs Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy (his first) vs Samoa Joe in an Ultimate X match.  Let that sink in.

"This is probably the most difficult match to predict simply because there are so many different scenarios in which the writers can choose.  At the end of the day, I suspect that TNA wants to shake things up, particularly in the X Division.  With that in mind, Jeff Hardy winning the X Division title in an Ultimate X match would make the biggest impact and set up so many storyline options post-BFG.  Hardy will win."

"Exactly how does one predict the winner lol. We have no idea where the X Division is heading, will Manik retain and establish himself as the real deal, with Aries, Sabin or Joe regain the belt and concour the X Division mountain once again, or will Hardy add another prestigious belt to his collection. I think that Jeff Hardy wins his first Ultimate X and his first X Division title in what I can confidently predict will be a MOTY contender."

Nick Mann
"Could be MOTN or even MOTY. Jeff Hardy wins as he is the only one in this match who has never been X Champion before. This is going to be crazy!"

"Samoa Joe is the wild-card late addition to this match so I am tempted to pick him.  However, I think Jeff Hardy wins in his first ever Ultimate X match and first X-Division Championship in a fantastic match."

This is a very interesting situation simply because the winner is so difficult to predict.  I think you can make a case for anyone to come out of it as the X Division champion.  So...what exactly are the future ramifications?  I'm not sure but I suspect that a win here by Chris Sabin could essentially further his feuds with Manik, Austin Aries, and Jeff Hardy, giving TNA plenty of storyline possibilities.  Although wins by Aries, Hardy, or Joe would make more of an immediate impact, where do the writers go from there?  Quite honestly, I'll take the latter option over the former.  I like not knowing what's next.

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