19 October 2013

PREVIEW: ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke - TNA Knockouts Championship

All the talk surrounding the Knockouts division has been about one woman: Lei'd Tapa and she's not in this match. However, this match should not be overlooked. While a lot of fans weep for the days of Awesome Kong, the current crop of Knockouts have been putting on some kick ass matches. One has to look no further than Slammiversary of this year to see that. All three of these women will work hard to put on a great match, whether it goes unnoticed will depend on if the focus is on them or Tapa.

Nick Mann
"I don't see a need for a title change here as the match doesn't have much of a build. My pick: ODBizzle!"

"This match is easily the one I'm least interested in simply because the set up was so poorly done.  Mike Tenay even announced it as if we had already known about it for weeks.  Very odd.  With that in mind, ODB will retain and move on to a feud with Lei'D Tapa, which I am looking forward to."

"I'm not really invested in this match, mainly because it was just thrown together with no real story behind it. My prediction is ODB retains, and then enters a feud with Lei'd Tapa."

Big Dawg
"Somehow I think Brooke wins here.  I think Lei'D Tapa comes out at some point and takes out Gail and/or ODB.  You new KnockOuts Champion is Brooke of A's & 8's to make Bully Ray happy."

This match seems more like a set up for whomever will face Lei'd Tapa as opposed to being the Knockouts champion. This division needs more talent, NOW!

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