20 October 2013

PREVIEW: Magnus vs Sting

Going into Bound For Glory, grudges looked to be settled, Championships hang literally in the balance and the future of a mainstay is on the line. All of these matches are fueled by hatred and desire, but there is one match that was made because of a mutual feeling, respect. For the Icon Sting, he saw his young student sucked into a black hole of doubt, hindering the growth of a man he saw as the future of TNA. For Magnus, a string of losses affected the young star to the point where his mentor's pep talks were no longer enough. Magnus needed something more, and Sting needed to give his Mafia brother an opportunity to snap out of his downward spiral. In Magnus' troubling times, he asked the question "who's gonna put me on the map?" and the answer he received from Sting was one he never expected "Me at Bound For Glory".

This match isn't the simple fueled by hatred bout, Magnus is frustrated with his current form, as well as his mentor's actions, while Sting wants to bring his apprentice back to the brink of stardom, and is willing to fight him to do so. Both men know what this match means, and are willing to go to their limits to achieve what they want, the question is, who will leave San Diego the victor.

"This should be the feel-good moment of the night.  It's the sort of story that pro wrestling does so well.  Magnus and Sting will pulverize one another and in the end, I predict that Magnus will be 'put on the map' by his mentor Sting. October 20th will be the night Magnus truly became a star."

"I respect Sting a lot as one of TNA's only true legends.  This is Magnus' time though.  If Magnus loses here, it will make him look pretty small and weak.  Sting passes the torch to Magnus as the Brit gets a clean win."

Nick Mann
"I expect more of a character driven, storytelling type of match here; which will play well into Sting and Magnus' styles. Most think Magnus will win because he is being pushed hard, but I see Sting keeping up the BFG winning record and Magnus using it as fuel for a heel turn."

"This bout will be filled with emotion, and it should make it a great Bound For Glory match. The only outcome I see is Magnus with his hand raised, it will be the picture perfect moment to see Magnus overcome this mental slump he's been in and have the torched passed to him by his idol Sting."

For Magnus, victory is everything. He needs this win to end his losing streak and in his eyes take himself to main event status. A loss for Magnus would be devastating, if he were to lose, he would see it as his last chance to take himself to the top, and could seriously question his future in the industry. Any outcome for Sting would be bitter-sweet. A win would prove he is still at the top of his game, but know he may of very well ruined the career of someone he wants to pass the torch to. A loss would be disappointing, possibly signalling his time at the top is finally over, but he would know someone he believes can be the future "Icon" had just had his career making moment and the point where he can launch to stardom.

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