20 October 2013

PREVIEW: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Even though he was announced as going into the TNA Hall of Fame this year at Slammiversary, Kurt Angle was a question mark for Bound for Glory because of his personal problems. Then a couple of weeks ago, Bobby Roode mentioned how he should be in the Hall of Fame and it was obvious Kurt would be back. This past week, EGO inducted Bobby Roode into the "EGO Hall of Fame" in one of the best in ring segments in the history of TNA. The buzz created by this skit has made this match one of the most talked about on the card, and it was only announced ten days before the show! On top of that, this is a rematch from the BFG main event of 2011 and no one seems to mind; that's what a good build up will do. These guys are two of the best on the TNA roster, if not, the entire world and one would expect a great contest. Does Angle have ring rust after his time off? Not likely. Besides, even if he does, Roode is the perfect guy to put him in there with.

Nick Mann
"I loved their match two years ago and have waited for them to have a big rematch. Think about it, have these two even faced off one on one since 2011? Can't wait for this one, especially after the EGO HOF induction ceremony. Angle looks in great shape and I see him winning this as he is going into the TNA HOF the same weekend."

Big Dawg
"Unfortunately, the build for this match was crammed into a short period of time because of Angle's rehab stint.  Nevertheless, these two will still have an incredible match.  It's very unpredictable who will come out the winner with all the MEM & EGO factors involved but I will pick Roode to spoil Angle's HOF return and beat him for the 1, 2, 3! "

"This is a tough one.  It's hard to imagine Kurt Angle losing on the night he makes his in-ring return and on the same weekend he's inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.  But I think the feel-good moments will be saved for elsewhere on the card.  Roode will defeat Angle with an assist by Bad Influence."

"With this match, everybody wins. Two of the very best in the business going at it in what should be a MOTY contender. Since their first match at BFG 2011, Roode has become a star and regarded as one of the best workers in the game today, and Angle looks in amazing shape and highly motivated to steal the show. While I'd love to see Roode get the win and revenge for his loss two years ago, it's only fitting that Angle wins the night after his Hall Of Fame induction."

Even though this match has much buzz going into it, this seems like a one and done type of deal. Kurt needed a way to come back into the fold and Roode provided fodder for him to do so. There has also been a lot of talk about OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia's challenge to the Olympic gold medalist, will that play a factor here? Perhaps he is Kurt's next opponent, while Roode moves on to chase the World title again.

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