20 October 2013

PREVIEW: Bully Ray vs AJ Styles - TNA World Championship

This Bound For Glory Main Event figures to be a pivotal and ultra-important match, as it should be.  Bully comes in as the classic heel, while AJ has a much more complicated role.  He has the disapproval of his boss, the lovely Dixie Carter, and also an uncertainty of his future in TNA.  The build of BFG seemed to be slow-building but we knew about this particular match for quite some time.  Yes, the BFG Series got more unpredictable than expected at times but most of us knew AJ would face whoever was the World Champ, no matter who that would be.  The storybook moment is AJ's to have.  This is all set up for him to grasp the World Title and become who he and everyone else wants him to be.

However, if you think Bully Ray is just going to hand the title over to AJ, you are wrong.  TNA is going to give us a unpredictable and intense fight here.  There will be surprises, there will be fantastic wrestling, there will a roller coaster of emotion, but most importantly there will be a winner.  Whoever that winner is will take TNA into 2014 and beyond.  Bully Ray has been a great champion but is this where the train stops for him?  Based off their prior matches, we have a special treat in store for us in San Diego.

"I think AJ is the safe bet here. However this wouldn't be the first time someone has gone into BFG the 'guaranteed' winner and walked out the loser. While I want Styles to win, all I ask is for a great ending, if the ending is a swerve with Bully retaining, I want it to shock me and walk away saying that was an amazing ending."

Nick Mann
"This will be a great match no doubt. It really just depends on how much outside interference there is. Will Dixie play a role? What about Jeff Jarrett? Anyway, I see AJ Styles winning to advance the storyline with Dixie."

Big Dawg
"The predictable pick to win here is AJ, of course, but I would not rule out a swerve here with Dixie or Hogan and other things potentially involved.  I will stick with an AJ win as he is due. "

"I can't imagine a scenario in which AJ Styles does not leave San Diego without the TNA world heavyweight championship.  This ending has been a year in the making and it's only fitting that TNA's new creative direction officially begins with Styles winning the belt."

If AJ wins, that most likely indicates that he's in TNA's long-term plans still.  The direction of the company is going to be altered after BFG regardless, as it always is after the biggest PPV of the year.   A Bully loss could mean that he would go on to feud with Hulk Hogan potentially or Knux perhaps or someone else returning or debuting.  There's no doubt that there will be shenanigans from other people besides the competitors that will impact the match.  Either AJ starts a new feud and loses or Bully does the same.  The future of TNA hangs in the balance of the biggest match of the year! 

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