25 October 2013

Post-Impact Thoughts for Oct 24, 2013

I will share with you my thoughts on Impact in greater detail in our official TNAMecca review Ringside tomorrow at 3PM.  But today, I wanted to briefly point out a few things about last night's Impact.

Firstly, I must applaud the crowd in Salt Lake City for being, quite frankly, the best Impact crowd this year, at least, since TNA took Impact on the road.  It was a pro wrestling savvy crowd that knew exactly when to cheer and when to boo.  Their chants, even the brief YES! chants, were appropriate and managed to enhance the product like a good crowd should.  A big kudos to Salt Lake City, UT.  Incidentally, my colleague, BigDawg, attended last night's event and will share with you his thoughts in a report that he will post on TNAMecca tomorrow.  Something of note, for those who are concerned about spoilers, BigDawg has informed me that his report will contain no spoilers for next week's Impact.

I said on Twitter, last night, that Impact might've been the best show of the year.  Today, I haven't a doubt that this week's Impact was the best show of the year.  It was certainly one of the most fun shows.  It was also hugely successful in wiping away any doubts or concerns I had about the company.  TNA never ceases to amaze me.  They may take risks that don't necessarily produce results but they re-group and they persevere.  Last night's show was a big 'fuck you' to all the haters, who relentlessly went after the company all week to satisfy their own agendas.

What struck me about last night's Impact was how well defined the characters and the feuds were.  It was as if TNA re-introduced us to all their fascinating characters and their shenanigans.  It was, simply put, a reset.  Every talent who appeared on last night's show had a purpose and a motive.  The top feuds began to finally stand out, after weeks and weeks of what was essentially a hodgepodge.  AJ Styles vs Dixie Carter. Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson.  Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode.  Bad Influence vs Eric Young and Joseph Park. Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa vs the Knockouts Division.  Magnus vs Sting.  The Bro Mans vs James Storm and Gunner.  And yes, Ethan Carter III vs Dixie's hand-picked jobber.

Speaking of EC3, I can't remember a time when a new TNA character was so well-thought out and defined upon his debut.  His introduction to Impact Wrestling has been flawless.  It's a storyline that is so simple, yet so effective and so much fun.  Dixie Carter's handsome nephew, whom she coddles by feeding him nerdy jobbers on a weekly basis, has a backstory that essentially tells us all we need to know about Mr. Carter III and watching Michael Hutter bring the character to life is the cherry on top.  EC3 is the best new character that TNA has introduced since Desmond Wolfe in 2009.

And finally, let's discuss that ending.  AJ Styles took the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt and has left TNA.  The manner in which he did was truly amazing.  After rejecting Dixie Carter's contract offer by literally wiping it on his ass and throwing it back in her face, he got into the brand new car Dixie had offered to him as a bonus and drove way, while one last time, holding up the TNA title as a reminder how badly Dixie Carter screwed up.  After the show, fans wondered how this story will unfold.  Yes, it's a storyline that WWE tried to pull off with CM Punk but failed miserably.  I have a feeling TNA will not make the same mistake, if the rumors I've read are any indication.  This angle has the opportunity to truly change the wrestling industry as we know it as TNA has shown a willingness to work with other promotions all over the world.  Could their partnership with Wrestle-1 come into play here?  We shall see but all of a sudden, TNA has rejuvenated my interest in pro wrestling and all that it's capable of when done right.  Bravo, TNA!

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