20 October 2013

Pick 'em League: The BFG Breakdown

Tonight is the first event in Season One of the TNAMecca Pick 'em League, Bound For Glory. A total of 18 points are up for grabs for each of the league's 52 members. As it's the first event of the series, everybody is looking to get a strong start to finish in 1st place by Lockdown 2014. With the predictions that have  come in, some matches have their clear favourites, but matches such as Ultimate X, not so much. Let's take a look at the predictions from the 37 participants who have submitted them.

  • From the predictions that have come through, AJ Styles is the favourite in tonight's World Title match with 94% of the league predicting a Styles title win.
  • Magnus is the favourite in his match against Sting with 86% of the league believing he will get the win.
  • In what quite a few have said is a tough match to predict, 64% believe that Kurt Angle will defeat Bobby Roode in their rematch from Bound For Glory 2011.
  • In what is the hardest match to predict, we have two front runners to win the X Division Title Ultimate X match. 35% of the league believe Jeff Hardy wins his first X Division title, while another 35% believe Manik retains. Its going to be very interesting to see who walks out of this one the victor.
  • 57% of the League think ODB will retain her Knockouts title with Gail Kim in second with 27%. 
  • Bad Influence are the favourites with 62% to win the pre-show Tag Team Gauntlet Battle Royal and face Saints & Sinners on the PPV for the Tag Team titles. EY & Joseph Park are second with 22%.
So according to the League, the safe bets for the night are AJ Styles & Magnus. The closest match of the night is Ultimate X, with it being a coin toss between Manik & Jeff Hardy to win. As we all know, not every match goes the way we see it, and with it being the biggest show of the year, there may be one or two shocks in store. Will someone do a clean sweep and get the full 18 points? Who's going to claim that #1 spot right off the bat? Be sure to converse in the comments section during the show and even keep track of how your predictions are doing. Best of luck to everyone in the league, it's going to be an awesome start to what should be a great season!

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