21 October 2013

Pick 'em League: Standings After BFG

Coming out of Bound For Glory, quite a few matches didn't go the way most thought they would. The two biggest shockers were the Bro-Mans winning the Tag Team Gauntlet & Chris Sabin winning his 7th X Division Title in Ultimate X. The only winners who had the majority vote going into BFG were Magnus & AJ Styles, who we both identified yesterday as the safe bets in the league.With quite a few long shots getting the win, it certainly made the prediction's chart an interesting read this morning, lets take a look at who's picks came through.

In what was the shocker of the night, the Bro-Mans won the Tag Team Gauntlet. Only LOE Wrestling, RobKimballBrand & zolopirate correctly predicted the outcome of the match, I'm sure most of the league thought they were nuts to do so, but I guess they are having the last laugh.

It what was a two horse race according to the League, Ultimate X was won by Chris Sabin. Joint Favourites Jeff Hardy & Manik were unable to get the victory, causing a lot of members to drop points. Well done to BodaciousHorror, JGor492, Ryan Martorano & Tyler Gale for gaining 3 vital points in what was the toughest match to call.

While Bobby Roode & Gail Kim were not the favourites in their respective matches, a good portion of the league picked them and gained 3 points from their respective wins. Great job by both Joe Tisone & JRobb22 for picking both Roode & Kim.

Most participants picked AJ Styles & Magnus, and in doing so got themselves a good baseline. The difference was the more obscure picks in the under-card matches, those were the vital points and made the difference as to league standings. With all that in mind, here's the leaderboard after Bound For Glory:

As you can see, BodaciousHorror, JGor492, Joe Tisone & LOE Wrestling are tied for first place. The difference maker for BodaciousHorror was his picks of Chris Sabin & Gail Kim, JGor492 gained vital points picking Sabin & Roode. Joe also picked Roode, which combined with his pick of Gail Kim took him in-front of the rest of the pack. LOE too chose Bobby Roode, and also had the very surprising choice of the Bro-Mans that made the difference. 

For these four, the long-shots such as Chris Sabin & Bro-Mans turned out to be pivotal in taking them to the top of the League. Because its so early in the league, there's not much ground between anyone, which will make the next event in the league very interesting indeed. TNA have yet to announce their next PPV/PPV-Impact, once they do we'll make an announcement to confirm its place in the league, until then, see you next time.

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