04 October 2013

My Post-Impact Thoughts

Even though we will bring to you our weekly Impact review Ringside on Saturday, I thought it'd be fun to also share with you my quick thoughts on tonight's Impact.

- Tonight, we could very well have seen Hulk Hogan's final appearance in TNA and it was quite a spectacle.  Hogan reacted to Dixie Carter's ultimatum by quitting but I think he was left with no choice as he knew that Dixie would fire him if he hadn't.  Aligning with Dixie was not an option for Hogan it appears.  I think it's a good way to write him out and it allows heel Dixie to now get some heat by forcing Hogan to leave the company.  I'm curious to see what happens next.  Without Hogan, I imagine Dixie will go back to tormenting her original target, AJ Styles.  I must say, this is must-see TV, folks.

- Tonight's most poignant moment goes to Magnus and Sting, who delivered quite a touching promo.  I felt Magnus' pain because he's so close to that prize but continues to fall short.  I have a feeling the match between these two men at Bound for Glory will be a feel-good story, the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time.

- So Bobby Roode defeated Magnus by making him tap out to the ankle lock, and EGO mocked the Hall of Fame induction of Kurt Angle.  TNA advertised that Angle would return at BFG but I have a feeling he will return earlier than we thought: next week during EGO's HOF ceremony perhaps?

- After a week of speculation, we saw the back of Ethan's head.  But we've seen that head before.  It looks to me that Ethan is none other than Michael Hutter (formerly Derrick Bateman in NXT).  Hutter received a tryout a few weeks ago so it's likely that it's him.

UPDATE: Michael Hutter tweeted the following after the show:

- The Bound for Glory card is shaping up nicely with the additions of Manik vs Chris Sabin vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries in Ultimate X (Hardy's first) and Magnus vs Sting. Announced previously were Bully Ray vs AJ Styles for the TNA World title and Sinners and Saints vs the winners of the Tag Team Gauntlet.  It's also looking more and more like Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle is a possibility.  Not a bad line-up at all.

- Lei'D Tapa's debuted tonight and she made quite an impact.  I said on Twitter that the Knockouts Division has lacked someone who can dominate since Awesome Kong's departure.  I think Tapa, whose approach is a bit awkward, will be someone that resonates with the fans; someone who they will love to boo.

- Overall, I enjoyed Impact very much tonight.  What did you guys think of tonight's show? 

- And again, please make sure you check out our weekly Ringside review of Impact this Saturday, where the staff of TNAMecca share with you their thoughts on the show.

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