11 October 2013


Welcome to another edition of My IMPACT Experience, a TNAMecca exclusive series in which one TNA fan, who attended Impact, will have the opportunity to share with you his or her experience.  Please be informed, the following contains spoilers for this week's Impact.  If you would like to be the next to share with our wonderful readers your experience, please contact us via email. 

Hello, my name is Earl Kennedy and this past week my friend Steve and I went to TNA Impact Live in Tulsa, Ok.  The whole experience was what TNA says it is: Fan Interactive. In between the matches JB interacted with the crowd and kept the crowd going with different things such as tweeting your row/isle/seat to be entered in for different giveaways such as free merchandise, back stage passes, upgrade to the VIP sections, etc. as well as giving backstage passes (after getting lip service from TAZ).
The first match was a Dark Match and it involved Kaz and Sam Shaw. This was one of the highlights of the whole night because while the match was going on Eric Bischoff came out to watch the match and see how fan interaction was going on. He looked in all the sections and when he got to our section I waived at him and he chucked the deuce at me, which was pretty awesome since I have been a Bischoff fan for quite some time.  Then came the beginning of TNA IMPACT. The night started off with Dixie Carter coming out and being Heel Dixie.  It was drawing a pretty good reaction from the crowd and then Sting came out to confront her. Sting, throughout the night, got the most POP out of anyone, except when Kurt Angle made his appearance during the EGO HOF segment which by far was the funniest and most awesome parts of the first show. During the confrontation Dixie makes a match with Sting and Magnus against Bad Influence and explains if they don’t win then neither one of them will be in the BFG series. Dixie then says she has Sting's future in her palm of her hand and it would be best for him to remember that. 

The first match involved Jeff Hardy and Double A. This was an awesome match. Hardy and Double A showed why they are who they are.  Double A won this bout in stunning fashion with a Super Brain Buster. Soon after that Samoa Joe comes out and announces he is going to be the fifth man in the Ultimate X competition and then puts them on Notice with a “JOE…IS GOING TO KILL YOU!!!” and the crowd went crazy. Up next was Bro-Mans talking trash and they call out ODB. ODB comes out with EY and they have a match with each other. ODB wins this one via a DQ and then Tapa comes out and destroys her with her Fireman’s Carry into a Stunner. Next you see a Aces and 8’s backstage video and Garett is arguing with Bully about destroying the group. Knux states the obvious and Bully pawns the blame on them and Anderson, and then says they have to do everything they can to keep the title in the Club and on Him. Then it cuts to Sting and Magnus and they both agree this match is a big one. Then it goes to EGO locker room and they say they will reveal what they have planned next.  The next Segment is the EGO HOF and it is by far one of the best parts of the night. The EGO HOF Vignette is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while and Bobby Roode’s performance was Awesome. Angle cuts it short and breaks it up.

The next match is a Knockouts #1 Contender match with Velvet and Brooke.  Brooke ends up winning the match due to Saban distracting Velvet.  Then came the Sting/Magnus vs. Bad Influence match which was solid. Sting did not wrestle much in this match and it helped add fuel to the Magnus/Sting story line, especially when Sting Blind tags in and pins Kaz with a Scorpion Death Drop. Then came the Main Event, and before that Dixie does a Segment with AJ and tries to buy him off.  AJ rips up the check and in true Heel Dixie Fashion she makes the snide remark “I didn’t sign the check anyways”, which got a chuckle. The main event was a handicap match which was very good. AJ ended up hitting the Pele on Knux and pinning Garett Bischoff with a Roll up. This prompted Knux to attack AJ after the match which caused Garett Bischoff to join in as well. This all came to a head when Bully came in and decided to lay a beat down on AJ with a chain over and over again. Bully then yells at AJ to stay down as he picks him up and throws him over the ropes and stand over him.  He yells and screams that the last person he will ever see is him and the last voice he hears will be Bully’s.

The second show was great as well. The show started off with a 4 way match with Robbie E, Hernandez, EY and Christopher Daniels. This match was very good; like pure Robbie E-style when he is in a 4 way he blind tagged himself in to win the match at the end. Dixie comes out and issues a bounty for AJ Styles which Bully Ray accepts and Magnus interrupts and shows his dislike for it and for Dixie. The next match was Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin. Heel Sabin does what Heel Sabin does best and even uses Velvet to act as a shield but Samoa Joe ends up with the victory.

After this AJ Styles comes out and cuts a promo, and in the middle of it Aces and Eights interrupts but James Storm and Gunner run down to make the save. I want to say that Gunner is big on TV, but until you see him in person you don’t really understand that when he says the "Modern Day Viking", he means it.  Because of the save Gunner has a match with Knux. This match was pretty awesome because Storm acts as a barrier to be sure no one else comes down to interfere. The part that is pretty awesome is he takes a beer that a fan offers him and he drinks on it for a little bit.  Then he gives it back to the fan, but then when Garett Bischoff tries to interfere Storm gets it again, spits part of it in his face and then drinks the rest and throws the cup back at the fan. 

After this again the best part of the show is when Kurt Angle cuts a promo. Bobby Roode comes down after Angle says, "Roode reminds him of himself". They go back and forth and Angle says, "I am going to make you tap." and then Roode says, "Oh yeah well I am going to make you…". Then Roode and Angle start fighting in the ring. Angle puts Roode in the Ankle Lock and Bad Influence comes down to help and beat Angle down.  Roode gets a mic and says, "Like I was saying, I am going to make you TAP!!!!"  He then grabs Angle and puts him in what deeply resembles the Crippler Cross face. This got the most pop the whole night.

After that Bully Ray goes one on one with Magnus and wins. Throughout the whole match it keeps building up and building up the tension with Magnus and Sting. It almost comes to a head, and Magnus does not even shake Stings hand when Sting came down to make the assist to help him in the ring. The show ends with the contract signing between Bully Ray and AJ Styles. Bully Ray tells Styles he can’t beat him and then he compares their match to Flair and Dusty Rhodes. Bully says he is going to make him "hit a Hard Street" just like he did with Hogan, Sting and Sabin. AJ Styles tells Bully that he is no way in the same league as Flair, and then calls him the B word and says how he has everything to lose and gain a BFG. Styles then signs the contract and begins a brawl with Bully Ray.  The last match was a dark match with Jesse and Joseph Park. Joseph Park wins this match with no EY and no blood. Surprisingly, Joseph Park got the most fan interaction with this match.
All in all my Impact Experience was Awesome and I hope they come back to Tulsa soon. Both Shows they taped were awesome!!!

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